Future of Sourcing/Outbound Recruiting with Shannon Pritchett of hireEZ (formerly Hiretual)

On episode 95 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leader Tim Sackett is joined by HireEZ’s (formerly Hiretual) CMO, Shannon Pritchett, to discuss Outbound Recruiting strategies and the real struggles of modern TA.

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1:15 – It’s a Tim solo pod today! He is joined by special guest Shannon Pritchard. She is the Head of Marketing from HireEZ (formerly Hiretual). 

6:30 – Tim notes that in marketing, we often don’t devote enough resources to building communities when that could be a great strategy for the longevity of a business. Shannon notes that this is something that HireEZ (formerly Hiretual) has learned from being at a start-up. 

9:15 – Tim asks Shannon to explain what HireEZ is to those who might not know. Shannon notes it’s an outbound recruiting process. They want to bring in automation and AI to speed up the recruiting process. 

10:00 – Tim discusses how the modern recruiter will say the most difficult part of their job is finding talent. He says that it’s not really the hardest thing but it’s getting talent to respond to you and talk about your position. 

12:00  – You heard it here first! Hiretual will now be known as HireEZ

15:00 – Shannon notes that they’re giving referral bonuses for interviews.

17:30 – Tim tells a story about how a TA leader took several months to get back to him from a LinkedIn message. What are they doing??

20:00 – Tim says that some TA leaders will ask him if they should hire another recruiter or add more tech. He says they will probably need both. 

23:30 – Shannon says that it’s important to not stop advertising but to reinvest in outbound tactics. 

25:00 – Tim asks Shannon to discuss the mini-conference HireEZ is hosting in Mountain View this week. They’re calling it Outbound RecruitCon. It’s only an hour long!

26:50 – Tim thinks the future of TA may be having an inbound team and an outbound team. 

30:00 – Tim says that he doesn’t see himself in a corporate TA role in the future but he would set up an inbound and outbound team if he were in that role. 

36:30 – You can find Shannon on Twitter @sourcingshannon and check out HireEZ.com!

3 thoughts on “Future of Sourcing/Outbound Recruiting with Shannon Pritchett of hireEZ (formerly Hiretual)

  1. Here’s what’s vexing me: This is what recruiting is. It is a blend of passive/active recruiting (inbound/outbound, tomato/tomato). It’s been that for the 30 years I’ve been involved. The blend can be easily acheived when running a differentiated recruitng model.
    I’m so intereresting in the dynamic of why TA orgs cannot change and adapt to a mutli-model approach. It’s neither hard, nor complicated. I’m at my 4th company where we have implemented it successfully in the last 20 years.
    Shannon and team are great people, I wish them the best of luck in breaking through the apathy of 99% of TA organizations.

    • Jim –

      You know, I think it probably works best in a model where you have certain recruiters who are inbound only. We know some folks are just actually really good at the post and pray, and they’ll fill some openings. Others can be good at actual hunting. It’s rarer, for sure, but if you tell your recruiters to do both, they tend to only do what they are good at, or what’s easiest. So, in most shops, almost no outbound is done!


      • Seriously it kills me. You never cross streams in a differentiated model. I realize for smaller shops it can be harder to differentiate, and maybe that’s where their sweet spot will be.

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