First Marijuana Job Fair. No Drug Testing Required.

Want a job?  Like smoking pot?  This is your day!

Doesn’t that sound like a bad Hollywood movie script!?  Unfortunately, it’s real world, as Colorado is in the middle of a talent bubble after legalizing marijuana.  From Time:

This Thursday, March 13, a very special, first-of-its-kind job fair is being held in Denver. It has been dubbed “CannaSearch,” and as the name indicates, it’s a marijuana-themed gathering intended to match job seekers with Colorado employers in the cannabis industry—a field that one is now all but required to cutely describe as “fast-growing” and/or “budding.”

At last check, 15 employers were scheduled to participate in the event, being held from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Denver headquarters of the job fair’s sponsor and host, O.PenVAPE, a company that specializes in vaporizer pens that get filled with cannabis oil—and that also bills itself as the “the largest national brand in cannabis.”

No advanced registration is necessary for job seekers. Everyone in attendance must, however, be 21 or older. And to answer the question on everyone’s minds: The event is strictly smoke-free.

So, what does it take to get a job in the Pot Industry?  I’m guessing some of the skill sets would be the following:

1. Like weed.

2. Knows stuff about weed.

3. Likes to talk about weed.

4. Willing to bring your own Doritos to work.

5. Don’t steal the weed.

Doesn’t that sound like every stoner you’ve ever known!?  You know they are all going back to those high school guidance counselors who told them they’d never amount to anything if they kept smoking pot and say “See, smoking pot got me somewhere!  I’m now head manager at Smokes-A-lot!”

It’s all fun and exciting now, wait until these companies really start to ‘grow’ and they need to hire an HR lady to come in and start setting up policies. That will be a ‘drag’.   Can you imagine!?  Margo comes in from her dental office HR manager gig in Pueblo and now is trying to build process and practices for Smokes-A-Lot world headquarters.  First, a few ground rules from the burned out CEO Steve.  No drug testing.  Unlimited smoke breaks.  50% employee discounts.  Go Margo!  Can’t wait to see those insurance premiums come in!

I would actually pay money for the ability to show up at the Marijuana Job Fair and interview potential hires!  They don’t even have to pay me, I’d have blog fodder for the rest of history!

2 thoughts on “First Marijuana Job Fair. No Drug Testing Required.

  1. I think this article is funny. But the Pot Industry is booming- and going to be serious business- so have your laughs now- but this is growing and won’t be such a joke in the near future.

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