The Only Coworker I Ever Wanted

There are two very simple truths when it comes to coworkers:

1. Don’t waste your time with coworkers who aren’t trying to help you thrive and benefit, and you to them.

2. Productive coworker relationships require trust. You can never empathize with a coworker you don’t trust.

It seems so very easy and simplistic, but it’s not.

The only coworker I ever wanted was the one who wanted to see me succeed, and I as well, wanted to see them succeed.

The only coworker I ever wanted was one whose first thought were that my intentions were always positive and pure.

The only coworker I ever wanted never got me with a gotcha.

The only coworker I ever wanted challenged me to be a better version of myself.

The only coworker I ever wanted made sure I always had my dignity.

The only coworker I ever wanted first opened their heart to me, then opened their mind to me.

Employee engagement isn’t about having fun and challenging work.  It’s about caring for those you work for, and having them care about you in return.  It’s about surrounding yourself with people who all want to see each other succeed.  It’s about having trust that no matter what, you will have each others back.

Our reality is, if we all had just one coworker like that described above, our work would be so much more satisfying.

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