Does HR Love Employees Less Than Leaders?

Father’s Day just happened yesterday and had an article about whether Dads love their kids less than Moms. Most studies show that Women gain more happiness from their children, than any other single thing. While Men rank children next to career in terms of a source of happiness. I’m not sure I agree, but interesting for sure.

This got me thinking about our own organizations. I always view HR and Leadership as the Mom and Dads of an organization. Leadership being the traditional ‘father’ figure to the organization. While Dad makes the big decisions in an organization, ‘Mom’/HR has a ton of influence on the direction of those decisions. In the best organizations, Mom and Dad have a great relationship and work well with each other. In the worst organizations, Mom and Dad are on the verge of divorce!

When I worked at Applebee’s the CEO and CHRO both admitted to this fact, but said it depended on the day who was the Mom and who was the Dad! Basically, both had a seat at the head of the table, one on each side.

So, I wonder in an organization does one side, HR or Leadership, love employees more?

I think I have a ton of peers who would say easily HR loves our employees more than leadership. I, also, know many leaders who would call that B.S., leadership easily cares and loves for employees more. I can’t argue they don’t because I’ve seen leaders who I know love their employees more than HR! I’ve also seen my HR peers go to extraordinary lengths to prove their love in taking care of employees best interests.

So, what do you think? Who loves employees more HR or Leaders/Mom or Dad?


One thought on “Does HR Love Employees Less Than Leaders?

  1. Interesting post, Tim. I’m not sure it matters who loves employees more AS LONG AS both top management and HR do their best to develop and nurture employees as productive, respected, and valued contributors to the organization.

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