T3 – Talent Techie Tuesday

I’ve decided I need a new series.  My last series – Rap Lyrics That Shaped My Leadership Style – was hugely popular and on a weekly basis still gets way more reads than it should!

I’m calling it T3 (Talent Techie Tuesday).

My goal is to demo and review the coolest Talent Acquisition and Sourcing technology that is out there, and let you all know what I think.  My goal is to do this for a year, 52 straight weeks.  There are thousands of companies in our space, most you have never heard about, or have no idea what they do.  Some are super inexpensive to use, and have huge ROI.  I want to uncover these companies, and show you what they can do.

As a reader you can expect my normal level of content.  That means I’ll be giving you my real take on what I think of the solution and how you can use it.  You can also expect some snark, and grammatical errors – I refuse to not follow my brand!

As a provider of one of these solutions, you can expect me to be fair and really look for the positive ways end users can best leverage your product/service/solution.  If you want to be a part of this, hit me with an email at timsackett@comcast.net.  I’ll schedule you for a one hour demo/Q&A and then I’ll throw it up the next week on my site.   I won’t be accepting any compensation for these reviews, and you, as a vendor, won’t have any editorial say on what I write.

My friend Steve Boese used to own this space at his HR Technology blog. Then he took on the task of running the HR Technology Conference, and the role has made it harder for him to write about individual companies in the HR and Talent space.  I use to love reading his product reviews, and he introduced me to so many great companies. I’m hoping I can carry on the torch.

I love recruiting technology.   In my view all the great innovation is being done in this space, and it’s moving so fast!  I hope I can show you some really cool tools that will change you recruiting and sourcing life!

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “T3 – Talent Techie Tuesday

  1. Oh, man, that “apart” is like nails on a chalkboard. 🙂

    BUT I am so glad you’re doing this! I’ll be following the reviews with avid interest!

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