Sackett’s Guide to SHRM 2015 #shrm15

It’s that time of year when HR freaks from all over the world begin planning out their annual pilgrimage to the SHRM National Conference. The 2015 SHRM conference is being held in Las Vegas, which always makes it a popular destination to attend. SHRM is expecting over 15,000 HR and Talent Pros to be in attendance, and I will be one of them!

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the last seven SHRM National Conferences and have been lucky enough to speak at the last three and this year will make it four in a row, as my good friend, and FOT founder, Kris Dunn and I will be taking the stage on Monday June 29th at 2pm to talk HR technology in our presentation titled “We’re Bringing Techy Back!” (now try and get the song out of your head!).  Kris and I will be sharing what HR and Talent tech we use and what we would use given different size organizations and budgets. Come check it out! KD and I always have fun when speaking together and we’ll be in rare form for SHRM National!

Please connect with me if you’re going to SHRM National, I love meeting new and old friends at SHRM. I spend most of my time doing this. A thirty minute conversation with a great HR pro and a Diet Mt. Dew is usually better than any session I could attend!  Being able to build a great HR network of brilliant people is the real value of attending a SHRM conference.

I do SHRM a little different than most.  I search out great speakers, not topics.  I’ve gone to too many sessions where I wanted to kill myself from boredom.  So, I’ve learned to find great speakers because they’ll always teach me something new and keep me entertained!  Here are some other sessions I recommend and will be checking out myself (in order of presentation time):

#1 – Sackett & Dunn – We’re Bringing Techy Back! Monday June 29th at 2pm

#2 – Mary FaulknerThe Leader’s Legacy: Managing Your Impact on Your Company’s Culture.  Monday June 29th at 4pm. Mary is a true HR practitioner and Head of Talent at Denver Water. She’s an HR pro who truly gets it!

#3 – Steve BrowneCulture that Rocks! Tuesday June 30th at 7am.  If there is a reason to get up at 7am in Vegas, it’s to see Steve. Great HR pro and Head of HR for LaRosa’s Pizza. His energy is off the charts and I guarantee he’ll get you going for the day!

#4 – Steve Boese and Trish McFarlaneAfter the Contracts are Signed: Keys to Successful HR Technology Implementation.  Tuesday June 30th at 7 am. Friends of FOT and two great speakers, Steve and Trish deliver every time.

#5 – Joe GerstandtThe Future of Diversity and Inclusion. Tuesday June 30th at 10:45am.  Flat out Joe is one of the best speakers at SHRM year in and year out. Polished, insightful and funny. He gets modern day Diversity and Inclusion better than anyone.

#6 – Matt FergusonWhat CEOs Think About 2015’s Top Workforce Issues. Tuesday June 30th at 2:15pm. Matt is the CEO for CareerBuilder and they have some great data, plus I like hearing what CEOs think from a CEO!

#7 – Jennifer McClure7 Strategies to Transform from HR Leader to Business Leader. Tuesday June 30th at 4pm. Jennifer is the HR lady whisperer! Extremely popular SHRM speaker, she fills the room, so get there early! Also, Jen is a FOT alumnus.

#8 – Inga MasjuleHow to Build World Class HR Around the World. Wednesday July 1st at 11:30am. I met Inga while speaking in the Cayman Islands, she is an HR pro there, currently, but has run HR teams all over the world. Smart lady, who can really give you a flavor of what it’s like to work in HR all over the world.

I’m sure there are other wonderful speakers as well. These are just ones I know will be awesome!  I’ll spend a bunch of time on the Expo floor as well. It’s a great place to demo a ton of different technologies that are being offered in HR and Talent Acquisition, in a low sales environment. Take advantage and see what’s out there.  You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive some of the technology is becoming!

Hit me in the comments if there is a session you feel is a can’t miss!  Also, if you want to meet in person send me a message and I’ll do everything I can to make that happen!  See you in Vegas!

6 thoughts on “Sackett’s Guide to SHRM 2015 #shrm15

  1. Actually, the Boese/McFarlane session is at 7 am as well on Tuesday, June 30, presenting a Sophie’s Choice with the Steve Browne session.

    Masjule’s session is actually in the death spot of 11:30 on Wednesday, July 1.

    McClure’s session will actually occur twice, with an additional session on Monday, June 29 at 2:00, but it does conflict with #1.

    • JJ –

      Cy is awesome as well! I tried not to double up times, so that might be the reason I missed her. But folks should check her out as well.


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