It’s Tim Sackett Day: Celebrating Lisa Rosendahl

January 23, 2012, my friends made that day forever be known as Tim Sackett Day!  By January 23, 2013, those same friends thought I couldn’t take another day of celebration and honor, and decided to honor another individual but still call it Tim Sackett Day!

Tim Sackett Day is about honoring a person in the HR or TA world who probably doesn’t get the attention and respect they deserve. I could easily argue that’s 99% of HR and TA pros! So, this is our way to highlight a few great people along the way.

This year, 2017, we are honoring Lisa Rosendahl!

For me, Lisa is the perfect candidate for Tim Sackett Day! Former U.S. Army Officier, current acting Associate Director for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs responsible for HR, along with a heck of a lot of other stuff. Lisa is also a writer at heart, and you can read her stuff on her blog at LisaRosendahl.comwhere she writes about HR and Leadership. 

Lisa is an active advocate for HR in Minnesota and beyond. One of the original Women of HR writers, wife, mother and overall just a better person than most of us will ever be.

The best part of all of this is Lisa is like you. Or, better, you can be like Lisa. She’s awesome because she made the decision to get involved, to be passionate about her profession. She has the education and the experience, but mostly she made the decision to volunteer, get involved, and surround herself with like-minded people.

Please take a moment today to get to know Lisa a little better. Reach out to her and connect. Congratulate her on being named the 2017 recipient of the famous Tim Sackett Day honoree! (You can get her on the Twitters as well @LisaRosendahl!)

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