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This week on T3 I review the talent matching technology WorkFountain. WorkFountain was born in Detroit, so you know I have to give some love to my Michigan-based TA Tech!

WorkFountain is a dynamic matching system that instantly connects job seekers and employers based solely on skills, interests, and requirements. Using correlated question-sets and matching algorithms, WorkFountain sifts through thousands of employers and candidates to deliver the best possible matches in seconds.

Basically, it’s a different kind of a job board. You post your jobs and criteria for the job and organizational fit. Candidates fill out a questionnaire of what they are looking for. WorkFountain then matches you with the candidates the best match what you need and what they want. The system provides curated job matching to ensure that employers are connected to the most qualified candidates while candidates get matched to employers and opportunities that best fit their unique profiles.

What I liked about WorkFountain: 

– You can invite hiring managers directly from the system to quickly answer a set of ‘fit’ and ‘skill’ based desires to best match exactly what they’re looking for. Talent Acquisition can also ‘flag’ certain questions prior to sending to the hiring manager for those questions you don’t want them to answer, so they won’t even see them.

– WorkFountain automatically posts to hundreds of free job boards, but also you can post to your paid job boards through WorkFountain as well. This is nice because it allows you to post everywhere from one platform.

– The WorkFountain platform works behind the scenes to get applicants to answer your fit questionnaire by mimicking a real TA user when sending automated responses at varied times after applying, so the candidate feels like it’s a real person asking them to do this. The platform has a 97% completion rate!

– If WorkFountain finds a ‘match’ they set up a speed date introduction to both of the candidate and the employer. Both sides have to say they’re interested to keep the process moving forward.

– You can reply directly to candidates through the system via text and email.

– Recruiters get a candidate matching report that shows where each candidate matches on every aspect of what you’re looking for. So, they might not be an exact match, and the report will show you where the two of your differ. Also, WorkFountain generates EEOC audit reports, so you can ensure your postings are getting the results you desire.

I have to say WorkFountain’s algorithm of matching the candidates with your jobs is one of the more advanced technologies I’ve seen in the matching and fit space. It was originally built by an engineering firm working with the U.S. government for a project during the recession. The data on the back side from the work they’ve already done is very impressive.

High-value platform as you can post for $39 per posting for regular positions you have open and only $19 per posting for internships. Plus, if you get zero matches, they will refund your money. WorkFountain has some great relationships with colleges and universities, as this was an environment they first started in.

One thing I think is worth exploring with WorkFountain is using this technology on your own ATS database of candidates, and inviting those candidates to go through this matching technology. There’s a great chance you’ll find some great matches in your own database, you previously were unaware of.

T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday – is a weekly series here at The Project to educate and inform everyone who stops by on a daily/weekly basis on some great recruiting and sourcing technologies that are on the market.  None of the companies who I highlight are paying me for this promotion.  There are so many really cool things going on in the tech space and I wanted to educate myself and share what I find.  If you want to be on T3 – just send me a note – timsackett@comcast.net

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