The day Political Correctness Jumped the Shark

You know what “Jump the Shark” means, right? It’s basically saying that something has lost its relevance and is past its time. In today’s always on social media train, things can jump the shark very quickly. Something that is hot today, is totally forgotten about within hours.

Obviously, there are certain things that will never jump the shark. Racism can not jump the shark. There will never be a day when racism is irrelevant. Political correctness and companies trying to be politically correct, though, can jump the shark!

Robert E. Lee.

That infamous Confederate General with all the statues and car named after him on Dukes of Hazard has been really popular in the news lately. After the tragedy at Charlottesville, VA recently, folks around the U.S. have come to the conclusion maybe it’s time we stop celebrating people who fought for slavery and take down those monuments that are awful reminders of things we should not be honoring or celebrating.

ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, has a really great announcer that happens to be named Robert Lee. Not Robert E. Lee. Just Robert Lee. In fact, ESPN’s Robert Lee is an Asian-American, not even a white dude, like the original Robert E. Lee.

ESPN’s Robert Lee was supposed to call a football game on ESPN being hosted by the University of Virgina. The same place where white supremacists marched and killed a person recently. When all the brilliant folks at ESPN put their heads together, they thought it best not to put “Robert Lee” on the telecast of the University of Virginia game.


Well, that’s a great question! ESPN believes folks will be offended by a person named Robert Lee calling a football game on TV in which the University of Virgina is playing in Charlottesville. The Asian guy, Robert Lee. Not the dead Confederate General Robert E. Lee, which appears ESPN leaders don’t believe those watching the game could tell the difference, between an alive Asian-American and a dead Confederate White General.

Political Correctness has jumped the shark. ESPN is everything that is wrong with Corporate America.  We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve tried to dumb down everything to a level that it no longer makes sense to anyone.

Of course, Robert E. Lee is not something we need to celebrate in our country. But, does that mean that a guy named Robert Lee can’t call a football game?! ESPN, how dumb do you think America is? Wait, don’t answer that, I think we get the picture.

7 thoughts on “The day Political Correctness Jumped the Shark

  1. A bit of irony, the sportscaster is Asian American and was named after Robert DeNiro. His mother (who immigrated from China) didn’t even know who Robert E. Lee was.

  2. Can this be part of any proof I need as to why I hate people? This poor Robert Lee guy is like “WTF – who are the idiots that would confuse me with a DEAD WHITE DUDE?”

    Also, who are the people that would be SO offended even hearing the name Robert Lee that when they looked on the screen and saw it was clearly not a racist confederate they would be unable to get past the name.

    In such case I am happy to share a list of names of people I don’t care for and would prefer to not hear on tv again.

  3. There was another incident yesterday where the ACLU posted a picture of a blond, little girl (maybe 3 years old) holding an American Flag and wearing a T-shirt that said “Free Speech.” Twitter went nuts and said that was White Supremacy. So the ACLU, the champion of Free Speech, took it down & apologized. It has crossed the line & it will take a long time to get it back; if we ever do.

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