Does it Capture Eyeballs? #RecruitmentMarketing

First off, hat tip to my buddy, Glen Cathey for sharing the article I’m about to reference. If you don’t know Glen, do yourself a favor and get to know him, follow him, stalk him. He’s brilliant and I read everything he ever puts out. If released his grocery list, I would read it.

The article title is “The Hottest Advertising Trend for 2018!“.

Can you guess what the trend is, before clicking over the article? Social media? Nope. Digital advertising? Nope? Block Chain? That doesn’t even make sense! Nope!

The hottest ad trend in 2018 is…Billboards!

Come on, Tim, I don’t have time for your crap today, I’ve got to find talent!

Look –

Digital grew more, but billboards also had growth, and they will grow less since they’ve been around since the advent of roads!

It makes sense, though, it today’s world where we capture your attention everywhere, and I mean everywhere, the noise has gotten insane. Except, it’s less insane when we are driving. Turns out, too many distractions and we start playing bumper cars on the highway!

So, Billboards are still highly effective and compared to other advertising, super cheap –

You can put up your “Help Wanted” message on a billboard and the only thing cheaper in getting attention is another old-school tool, the radio! (CPM – Cost per thousand impressions – so for every 1,000 people seeing your ad you’re only paying $5.22 on average)

I love digital media and all the social media tools and strategies. I don’t think you will ever walk away from those. But, in 2019, when Talent is still almost impossible to find, you need to go over to that 60-year-old in the marketing office and let them spin you a tale about the good old days of billboards!

Billboards work because they fill the simple need of putting your message in front of the faces of a lot of people, and some of those people will connect with that message. It’s not a rifle approach that new media tools have become, it’s definitely a shotgun approach, but in local markets, they still are super effective.

So, when your CEO comes running to your office ranting about how you need to find more talent, just let her know you’re going to be using 2018’s hottest marketing technique and solve the problem. Then go buy some billboard space!

2 thoughts on “Does it Capture Eyeballs? #RecruitmentMarketing

  1. Yep, absolutely. Some of our franchise owners capitalize on billboards for employment marketing. Everything old is new again!

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