Recruiting Trends and Trends and Trends… #HRERecruitTalent

I’m out this week at the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference and guess what I’m speaking on!?!?! Recruiting Trends!

It’s pretty insane when you look at the recruiting landscape. When I was doing research on what trends I should talk about at the conference my initial list had over 50!

That becomes the big question – what’s really a trend and what’s mostly B.S.?

We think we can spot the B.S., but it turns out we are all pretty dumb when it comes to spotting bad trends. Remember QR codes in Recruiting!? How many of you had, or still have, one of those on your recruiting materials!?

Video Interviews! That’s a fad, no one will do a video interview! Until it becomes fairly normal. You should be texting candidates! No, you don’t understand Tim, “OUR” candidates wouldn’t respond to text.

Um, yeah, how’s that working out for you!? Everyone responds to text! I can’t call my parents anymore, who are in their 70’s, but they’ll respond in seconds to a text! Hourly workers, executives, nurses, truck drivers, everyone responds to text.

So, it would seem like the big one is A.I., Machine Learning, chatbots, etc. All of ‘that’ stuff. That automation, the machines can do your job better and faster than you technology stuff. Yeah, that’s a current trend for sure, but in one way it’s not.

We’ve been automating in Recruiting since we have had recruiting. So a major part of the A.I. trend is just next generation, evolution of automating the recruiting process. It’s definitely something to be embraced and understood, the reality is most of the technology you are using probably is already leveraging it in some form.

When I take a look at the landscape from the point of view of someone who follows this stuff way too closely I think the biggest trend is confusion. The in the weeds TA team and leaders are overwhelmed by options, by decisions.

The vendor community is so focused on selling you their ‘one’ product, solution, that they miss helping their clients on the bigger picture of how it should all fit together. The ‘buyer’ of our trends, hasn’t changed. They need to fill jobs, faster, with better talent.

Most will already have some semblance of a tech stack they are being forced to use, and they aren’t sure how you fit in and make it all work better. At the very least they probably have a core ATS who is telling them they can do it all, when in reality they probably do 25% of what’s needed to be competitive.

The winners in the recruiting technology space will be those who can make it idiot-proof. If you’re a TA pro/leader don’t take that as a put down. The reality is every leader or practitioner just wants tech that works, without thinking about it.

I have a job I need to fill.

I turn on your switch and the tech makes it easy for me to fill this position.

We aren’t launching the Space Shuttle, we are filling roles. Ultimately, the TA Leader in me doesn’t give a hoot about your trends! Trends are for early adopters. Work through your issues. Find what works and what does’t. Then let’s talk.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where the trend is selling stuff that just works…

One thought on “Recruiting Trends and Trends and Trends… #HRERecruitTalent

  1. Hey Tim! Great read, as usual. Until they create an algorithm for actually caring about people…I mean actually, really delivering a meaningful value equation to talent at all levels of the org, technology is bells and whistles on a fundamentally broken machine.

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