It’s Super Hot outside, do I need to come to work?

With all the heatwave stuff hitting the news this week I’m assuming someone has gotten this request. I get it, if you’re working outside, this could be dangerous! I’m not talking to you!

I’m talking to the moron who works a job inside, but somehow they think it’s too hot outside to get their butt to work and work in air conditioning! The true HR pros know what I’m saying!

I’m in the north, in Michigan, so we get this when it gets super cold in the winter. Again, if you work outside, super cold is dangerous so it’s a concern for us as HR pros and leaders. If you work inside, what you’re really saying is “yeah, I hate to work. I hate this job. I hate this company. I’m trying to figure out anyway not to come to work…”

Nope! You don’t need to come to work! In fact, you don’t ever have to come to work again. You. Are. Fired! (Like “fire” Fired with hot flames, beat it!)

I want to hear from you on this super hot Friday! Hit me in the comments!

Have you, or do you expect, getting some calls today from any of your employees asking if they need to come to work because there is a heat emergency on the news!?!

Enjoy the Nelly cut!

3 thoughts on “It’s Super Hot outside, do I need to come to work?

  1. This can be a health and disability issue, though. Some people with low blood pressure faint in high heat/humidity. Extreme temperatures kill people with heart conditions and other health problems. If smog/air pollution is an issue, it may aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

    Another factor is their commute to work – are they traveling an hour and a half on a sweaty, crowded, non-air conditioned train/bus to work in a stifling hot place? Or are they driving in their air conditioned SUV to go sit at their desk in their air-conditioned office? Big difference.

    Letting some people work from home is a great alternative to risking their health just to have them in the office.

  2. I had an employee come in yesterday and ask if all of the employees went outside and said that they wouldn’t work until we had air conditioning (not really feasible in our production environment) if we would get air conditioning. I let her know she was welcome to try it but I doubt that it would work.

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