The Tim Sackett Covid Vaccine Employer Policy!

Let me start this by saying I’m 100% pro-vaccine. I’m vaccinated and my entire immediate family is vaccinated. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated where it’s healthy for them to do so.

Organizations are really struggling right now to figure out what they should do about Covid vaccinations and employees. We see some giant employers mandating vaccinations and I’ll also publicly say I think that mandating vaccines for 100% of your employees is basically stupid.

Wait, what?!?! (TRIGGERED!)

I get that we all want everyone to be safe. I do as well. I also pay attention to the science and after you had Covid, there is no reason to get vaccinated. There is a growing mountain of global research and evidence, from real doctors and scientists that care about ending this pandemic, that show those who have had Covid already carry the same amount of antibodies as those who have been vaccinated. So, forcing someone who has had Covid to get vaccinated, is frankly, stupid!

Too many good employees are losing their jobs over this and many of these folks have valid reasons to not get the vaccine, and some honestly have already had Covid and don’t need the vaccine, but we are forcing it upon them for really no reason whatsoever.

The Tim Sackett Covid Vaccine Employer Policy

1. If you want to work here you have to get a Covid vaccination. We care about each other. We care about our customers and clients. We all want to live our best lives, alive.

The caveats:

  • If you have had a verified case of Covid. That means you have to be able to show a positive PCR test, and or a blood anti-body test that shows you previously had a positive case of Covid, you do not need to get the vaccine as a condition of employment.
  • If you have a religious objection to getting the Coivd vaccine, you do not need to get the Covid vaccine. But you do have to document your objection (see form A). This form gives you the ability to explain your religious objection and it also has you sign off that our company is not responsibile for your medical care if you become Covid positive. Upon completion and signature of this form A, we will not require you to get the Covid vaccine as a condition of employment.
  • If you have a medical disability where a doctor documents that it is not in your best medical interest to get the Covid vaccine, we will not require you to get the Covid vaccine as a condition of employment.
  • If you receieve a religious or medical accomodation, and you have not recieved a Covid vaccination and you have not had a verifiable case of Covid, you will be required to wear a medical approved mask while at work over your nose and mouth. We will provide you with a mask if you choose not to have an approved mask of your own.

Policy Instructions for HR Leaders and Executives:

  • If someone fills out Form A and signs it. Accept it and walk away.
  • If someone brings you a signed doctors note saying they shouldn’t get the vaccine for medical reasons. Accept it and walk away.
  • Ensure no one, either vaccinated or unvaccinated, is discriminating or harrassing the other because of their status.

That’s it. That’s the policy. Short and simple. The best policies are.

I know some folks will lose their minds about this. I get that. I’ve heard stories about HR departments forcing people to “prove” their closely held religious beliefs. I mean, really?! This is time well spent? Forcing someone to prove their religion. Come on, we are better than this. We are smarter than this. There are better ways we can torture employees, right!?

I think there are only two real arguments when it comes to mandated vaccinations:

  1. Hey, let’s try and not kill people! But, it’s basically them killing themselves, not the folks who already got vaccinated. As both vaxed and unvaxed are passing the virus around to each other. But those who are vaxed are much more likely to have a less severe case.
  2. Hey, you getting a bad case of Covid cost our insurance plan a ton of money, which means we all now have to pay for your stupid decision. This is a super valid argument, and if I’m running a big HR shop I would really be thinking hard about a “Unvaxed” health insurance premium. Great! You don’t want a vaccine, your insurance now costs an additional $2000 per month.

FYI – for those looking for a link to “Form A” there isn’t one. It’s just an example of what we do and what we make in HR. If you want a Form A go make one, you don’t need my help!

8 thoughts on “The Tim Sackett Covid Vaccine Employer Policy!

  1. What confuses me about this is we have a diabetes rate 6 times the Blue Cross book of business and when you look at our annual spend from our BCBSM analytics, Covid related illnesses hardly hits the radar. I am paying an inflated premium for people who do not participate in the well-being program, eat a poor diet and are not compliant with their meds. But we don’t charge those people an additional premium? Wrestling with this in my brain.

  2. Tim, I share much of your opinion. We even offered $500 to get vaccinated- which was stupid because those who got the bonus would have gotten the vaccination anyway. It did not sway anyone who was on the fence. Unless we are required by law, we don’t plan to mandate vaccinations. I’m stressing about the testing of those who are not vaccinated. This just does not seem feasible at all.

  3. We do not require a vaccine or mask. We do offer $300 bonus if you do get the vaccine. If you choose to not get the vaccine and get Covid, we require you to use your own sick leave. We honor choice and freedom.

  4. Your premise may be off. Having Covid AND getting shot is better…

    “People who were infected and then vaccinated some months later have “what’s called ‘hybrid immunity,’ which is like super-immunity,” said Warner Greene, a virologist at the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco.

    This combined protection seems to last a long time, according to a new study in the journal Science. It may last far longer than vaccination alone, he said, though that hasn’t been proven yet.”

    • Yeah – I’m probably off on a lot of stuff. But I do love how we all have become public health experts and amateur epidemiologists! LOL!

      Who the hell knows, Paul. I just don’t think every single employer needs to mandate vaccines.

      • Tim’s policy is the only policy that make sense. Discriminating against people who don’t want to be vaccinated or shouldn’t be is just plain wrong and not in the company’s best interest anyways. A policy that includes everyone and keeps safety standards just like Tim suggests is the right thing to do. Providing employees with as much data and guidance to be safe and to make their own decisions is also good. I would include temperature checks, mandatory stay at home if feeling sick, and strongly suggest wearing masks at meetings and in common areas unless outdoors.

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