If You Have “Diversity” Recruiting. What Do You Call The Rest of Your Recruiting?

It’s Friday and it’s the summer and no one reads blogs on a Friday in the summer! So, here’s a video:

Tim Talks

Would love to get your thoughts in the comments. Am I way off base on this thought, or is there merit?

5 thoughts on “If You Have “Diversity” Recruiting. What Do You Call The Rest of Your Recruiting?

  1. Interesting video and topic. It’s noteworthy that you’re saying diversity recruiting isn’t working, and that if everyone did what was right and had diverse pipelines, diversity recruiting wouldn’t be necessary. That’s so true! Unfortunately, that isn’t the status quo, as recruiters do struggle with diversity in their talent pipelines, so that actually means “recruiting” isn’t working, not “diversity recruiting” isn’t working.

    Firms like Mogul (www.onmogul.com), which specialize in diversity recruiting, are working to change the significant disparities in racial and gender equality. Until “diverstiy recruiting” and “recruiting” are synonymous, there will always be a need for diversity recruiting.

  2. Hey Tim – Super interesting topic. I definitely agree with you having a separate “diversity” hiring process can be stigmatizing. And furthermore, something you sort of touched on but didn’t really dive into…. if your “diversity” team is doing diversity, what the heck is the rest of your team doing?

    One of my observations for a while has been, mostly what you do when you want more diversity is …. do better recruiting! Do more proactive sourcing. Think more critically about your job descriptions, requirements, and scorecards. Build out interview plans that more accurately and fairly test what’s needed, rather than rely on “gut feel” or biased assessments. etc etc.

    Sure there are things you can do to focus specifically on diversity. Do those things! But mostly, “diversity” recruiting boils down to better recruiting.

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