5 Reasons Facebook is the Future of Recruiting

On February 2nd, at 1pm EST, Kris Dunn, The HR Capitalist and FOT01, and I will be putting on a 1 hour webinar called: Social Recruiting MacGyver Style!   Our goal is to give the HR/Talent/Recruiting Pro who are busting there butts each day to bring better talent into their companies – so quick and easy tips on how to recruit and source talent on Facebook for little or no money.

So, what will it be all about – basically why and how we think Facebook will dominate the future of recruiting!


Here’s a few reasons:

1. 1 Billion Facebook members (they’ll hit that number soon) who are more active than LinkedIn’s core member. (Think about it – how many times per day do you check FB vs. LinkedIn?)

2. Facebook has everyone – I need to recruit many different functions  – not just professional or technical. I need clerks, line workers, customer service reps, skilled trades, Nurses, lab techs…see where I’m going with this!  Staffing and Recruiting departments just don’t recruit professionals – we need all levels of talent in our organizations.

3. I want to fish in a pond where there a few fishermen/women – not one where there is one fisherman for every fish.  Recruiters are the most prevalent single profession on LinkedIn – or so it seems!

4. Referrals are my best hires and all of my employees (at every level) are on Facebook – I need to tap their networks.

5. Facebook and some of its App Developer partners, like BranchOut, have figured out some great ways for you to tap into their membership – to see who might have interest in your company or be willing to refer your company to their friends and family.  We HR Pros love Easy Buttons!

Come check it out – if you know Kris and I we will guarantee 2 things:1. There is a good chance you will be entertained for an hour; 2. We love to share things that make HR and Talent Pros lives easier!

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Facebook is the Future of Recruiting

  1. Tim, you make some valid points but I have to disagree with the premise of the article. I am a recruiter and have been told by many of my friends that they are immediately turned off when a recruiter tries to connect with them via Facebook. Almost to a person, they say “That is what LinkedIn is for.” I think that a lot of people draw a line between personal (Facebook) and professional (LinkedIn).

    I’m not saying that you can’t make hires on Facebook and maybe it can be more effective for lower level positions. I think we as recruiters think everyone thinks like us but there are a number of people (I would estimate the majority) who do not want to be contacted by a recruiter on Facebook. Work has seeped into the rest of their lives so this might be one of the last respites.

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