Recruiting without actually doing it

Most recruiters believe they are actually recruiting.

They ensure they have well written job descriptions.

They have a great process set up to screen applicants.

They’ve gone out and chosen the best pre-employment assessments for their organizations.

They implemented an awesome new applicant tracking system.

They’ve posted their opening on their careers page of their organizations website.

They’ve contracted out with the best background screening company.

They’ve done everything but pick up a phone and talk to someone…

You see recruiting is a lot like painting a picture.   Of course you have to have canvas, and paints, and brushes, but mainly you need to start painting.  In recruiting all you really need to have is one contact to contact.  That’s how it starts. You turn one contact into another, repeat. All the other stuff is great, but it’s not recruiting.  Although, it’s what most recruiters will tell you recruiting is.

The hard part of recruiting, is actually recruiting.


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