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Career Confessions of Gen Z | The Power of Seeing – B-roll!

Apr 3

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining me on this Gen Z journey. In the last episode, I talked about what verbal and spoken content can do for your recruiting methods, but I think it’s just one side of things to simply hear what a job is like. It takes it to a whole other level when you can visually capture what the processes of a job are like. So follow me into the world of b-roll!

(Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all in the video) 😉

Skyler Baty is a Videographer and Video Editor for SkillScout and lives in the Detroit Metro Area in Michigan. Skyler loves doing video work and helping organizations with their video projects. Connect with him, he’s a genius with this stuff!





1 Comment to “Career Confessions of Gen Z | The Power of Seeing – B-roll!”

  1. Excellent article. Adding video really does add a punch.

    Larry Johnson
    Apr 3, 2019

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