Using Video to Attract More Talent! @Prezi

We do not use enough video when trying to attract talent! So, I made a video about how you can increase your use of video and attract more talent! Check it out!

HR and TA Peeps! I got a chance to test out Prezi’s new video presentation technology and you can see the results below. It’s pretty cool, and definitely a great way to do remote and virtual content for others!

You can go test Prezi Video for free! I really like the outcome as compared to a static slide deck and a window of me next to it!

3 thoughts on “Using Video to Attract More Talent! @Prezi

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. In today’s candidate-driven world, companies need to go above and beyond to stand ahead of their competitors. Tapping into video can help companies shine, and make the interview process easier for job seekers.

  2. Great video Tim. You laid out all the reasons we created Sparc and Amplify. We make it easy to add video to job descriptions, nurturing campaigns and social media. SparcStart is the Top HR Tech Award winner!

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