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Feb 21

T3 – Fastest Growing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on the Market

I’m going to share some data today because it’s the single most requested question I get in my life, professionally. Here it is: “Tim, what ATS do you use and what ATS do you recommend?” This got me thinking that one day people will stop asking this question, but they don’t, every month, every year, […]

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Feb 14

HR and TA Technology You’ll Fall In Love With!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a gift for you! My friend, President of Recruiting Daily, and super brilliant HR Technologist, William Tincup puts together a quarterly list of HR and TA technology that he loves titled: 100+ HR and Recruiting Technologies Worth Watching. I get so many great ideas of companies off his list to […]

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Feb 7

T3 – Ruutly (@_Ruutly) – The future of job postings

This week on T3 I take a look at job branding technology, Ruutly. Ruutly is a technology that is embedded into the top of your normal, boring, text-based job description/posting, turning into something modern that is highly interactive, branded and completely digital. With such a high focus on candidate experience, it’s a wonder why organizations haven’t […]

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Jan 31

T3 – ENGAGE (@engage_talent) – Using Predictive Analytics to Source Talent

This week on T3 I’m reviewing the sourcing solution ENGAGE. ENGAGE allows recruiters to source from a real-time stream of over 100 million passive candidate profiles and receive alerts of when a candidate is more than likely ready to ‘engage’ you in a conversation about a new job. How does ENGAGE know that a candidate […]

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Jan 24

T3 – GoCo (@GoCoio) – Zenefits-like with a Better HRIS platform

This week on T3 I take a look at the Zenefits-like HR software solution GoCo. GoCo is an all-in-one HR, Benefits and Payroll software platform that you can use completely free. Why can you use it for free? Because like Zenefits, there’s a ton of money to be made by managing your employee’s benefit program! […]

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Jan 17

T3 – @Appcast_io – Talent Attraction is the New Talent Acquisition

Yo, gang – I’m doing this webinar this week. Check me out! Discover why talent acquisition is being laid to rest, giving rise to a new game in town: talent attraction. Thursday, January 19th | 2:00 PM ET This free webinar present simple strategies to start ‘attracting’ talent to your organization. You’ll learn: What current processes are […]

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Jan 10

T3 – Smarp @BeSmarp – Connecting Employees with your EB Content

This week on T3 I take a look at the employee communications application, Smarp. Smarp is a comprehensive communications app that connects employees with the employer’s online content, generating positive brand awareness and exposure by empowering employees to participate in the internal and external communications of the company. The Smarp app ensures employees are well-informed whether […]

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Dec 27

T3 – @Lever #ATSDifferently

Over the holidays I’m taking a break from normal writing and sharing some of my most read posts from 2016. Enjoy.  This post ran as part of my Tuesday HR and TA technology series. Lever is a really great ATS, but I think they might be even better at SEO as this T3 post gets […]

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Dec 13

T3 – VISANOW Rebrands as Envoy

It’s no secret that recruiting technical talent in the IT and Engineering sectors is next to impossible. Because of that, more and more organizations are digging into the aspects of hiring foreign technical talent for positions they have open throughout the world. VISANOW is a technology that provides an immigration management platform allowing you to […]

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Dec 6

T3 – The 100 Hottest HR Technologies on the Planet

My good friend William Tincup (@WilliamTincup) is probably the single smartest person I know in the HR and Talent Technology space, worldwide! That’s saying a lot because this space is filled with smart men and women. At HR Tech Fest this year, William made a comment on stage that there is roughly 21,000 HR and Talent […]

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