The “Lost Dog” Recruitment Strategy

I’m up today over at Halogen Software’s HR Blog talking about the time I lost my dog and what it taught me about recruitment. Here’s a snippet:

“When I was a kid, our family dog, Tippy, ran away. We’d had Tippy for a number of years, so as you can imagine, this situation was heartbreaking.

I think we did what any family would do to find our lost dog.

My Dad worked the neighborhoods by car — window down, yelling Tippy’s name, stopping to speak to neighbors to see if they had seen our little dog.

My Mom, sister and I made signs. You know the ones:

LOST DOG! Reward! Please call!

And of course a picture.

We posted the signs on every telephone poll within a half mile radius of our house.

Within a few days, we got a call from a retired guy who’d seen our signs, found our dog in his yard, and was able to coax him into the garage for safe keeping until we could come and get him.”

Click here to find out how your recruitment Strategy, is like me losing my dog…

I’m kind of like Paul Harvey today – click over you’ll get to find out the rest of the story…


One thought on “The “Lost Dog” Recruitment Strategy

  1. What a great analogy, Tim! As Millennials become more and more entrenched in the workplace, social recruiting methods like LinkedIn are skyrocketing in terms of job-seeker traffic. That’s where the employment brand needs to live. It’s more than just a recruiting method. It’s part of your culture!

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