Hands-Free HR – HR Self Service for the Next Generation!

Remember the first time you got to use Hands-Free with your smartphone? For those of us who live on our phone, it was life changing! Wait, you mean I can drive, I can cook, I can workout and still get this call done? Yes, I want that. No, wait, I need that!

Now, imagine you could do that with your employees. No, not talk to them more. But be able to give them all they need, without being able to talk to them, or at least, eliminate the day-to-day mundane HR needs that all of our employees have.

HR Self Service has been around now for two decades. The difference today is Hands-Free HR at the most dynamic companies is being delivered in a way that does what we all hoped for when it was first launched. The problem with traditional HR self-service models is that HR still does most of the heavy lifting. Hands-Free HR puts the knowledge and the skill in the hands of the employees and allows HR to focus on strategies that make your business successful.

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Marjorie Borsiquot (Assistant Vice President of Business Process Integration for Georgetown University) and I will discuss how the best organizations today are delivering a hands-free HR experience to their employees. The tools and processes they use to make this successful, and feedback from those on the front line making it work today.

Click here to register for this SHRM Webinar, sponsored by the great folks at PeopleDoc!

I’m really excited to dig into the details of Georgetown University’s transformation of their HR service delivery. For those of you that work in complex organizations like public education, healthcare, and multi-unit delivery, this will be very insightful!

Look forward to you all joining me on Wednesday, February 10th at Noon EST!

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