Real-World HR – A new eBook from @SHRM

SHRM recently launched a new eBook to help build more an awareness around what the SHRM competency model looks like in the real world of HR. I’m on pages 36 and 37 sharing my brilliance on how to impact the “Relationship Management” competency, make sure to check it out!

Spoiler alert: I basically tell HR pros it’s a great idea to jump on the corporate jet and fly around the country with your executive team! See simple, straightforward advice!

I don’t talk about the SHRM competency model hardly ever, because quite frankly it’s boring and most people don’t care, but the launch of this book got me to re-look at it and you know what? It’s pretty solid:

  • HR Expertise – You have to have the HR chops if you want to play the game.
  • Business Acumen – Your executives care about this, they want to know you understand the business of what your organization does, more than your HR chops. They figure if you get the business, you’ll be smart enough to figure out the HR stuff.
  • Communication – It’s usually the biggest weakness in most organizations, so if you can kill it here, you can really add some value to your executive team.
  • Consultation – I love this one most of all. You should be the expert in your organization of people. Which means you should be using a consultative approach in helping all of your leaders be better at the people side of their business.
  • Ethical Practice – Someone has to be above the fray and ensure our organizations stay above it as well.
  • Global & Cultural Effectiveness – This one has never been more important as we move to a world economy and our organizations will thrive from a global perspective.
  • Leadership & Navigation – The most successful organizations know where they are going and have strong leaders guiding down this path.
  • Relationship Management – Your employees will do amazing things if you get to know them, and they get to know you. Without this, we are all just commodities.

I’ve given Hank some crap over the years, but I think he and the SHRM got this right. I truly believe that corporate executives want these things from their HR leaders. If we could all master these competencies, the HR profession would have a much different image across the world.

It’s a quick read. Take a look, I really liked the practitioner point of view:

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