Is Gen Z Going To Be Worse Than Millenials?

Is Generation Z (those born between the years 1995 – 2009, of which I own 3) going to be worse than the Millenials?  I guess to answer that question you first have to put this into some perspective.  First, you would have to think of the Millenials as a wasted, or under performing, generation.  Then, you would have to believe that Gen Z will probably follow down a similar path.

Short answer? Yes.

Gen Z will be worse than the Millenials.  Just as the Millenials were worse than Gen X, and Gen X and than the Baby Boomers.  That’s how this goes.  The youngest generation is always the worse!  By generation, you get better with age, or at least your view on generations get better.  It’s a simple concept.  When a generation is nothing more than whiny, snot nosed, rude kids, they’re all a train wreck.  Then they get older, more mature, actually do something with their lives, and amazingly become a generation of substance.

So, yes, Gen Z will be worse.  As will Gen Alpha, which comes after Gen Z and those kids are 3 and 4 years old and already a waste of space on this planet!

Does that make you feel better Millenials?  You’re no longer the worse generation to grace Earth.  Now, it’s Gen Z.  Congratulations, you can now start writing blog posts and books about how to communicate with these crazy Gen Z kids.  Know one understands them, it’s totes cray. With all their selfies and their hashtaggy things, they are going to way worse than those trophy sucker Millenials!

I’ve decided for the 2015 SHRM National Conference I’m going to submit a presentation on how to speak Gen Z.  HR Pros need this valuable information!  I need to come up with a title that completely says Gen Z, but also is very vanilla and safe, so not to scare off the HR ladies in Gen X and beyond.  I think I might go with “#GenZProbs(>_<)” — what do you think?  No, that will never fly with SHRM Gestapo.  It has to say boring, yet strategic.  Safe, yet cutesy.

I don’t know.  My brain doesn’t really work in those contexts!

Let’s crowd source this.  Give me your best Gen Z title for my 2015 SHRM National Preso.  I’ll reward the winner, which will include an inappropriate hug.

6 thoughts on “Is Gen Z Going To Be Worse Than Millenials?

  1. Screen addicted yet socially deficient
    Employers, are you prepared to communicate with Gen Z employees?

  2. I have to say I have had very similar conversations with my 7 and 5 year old that I have had with my 20-25 year old employees. Of course as every mom will tell you, “my” children are exception.
    How about why the “y’s” aren’t going to be the problem of the future.

  3. Based on your inability to spell, write complete sentences, or approach a subject with any ounce of rational thought, your best option for the 2015 SHRM National event is not to submit a presentation at all.

  4. I love everything about this so much. I don’t know if I can beat your proposed name, though…

    I know! The secret is a sub-title. “Frowny Face: How today’s two year olds become tomorrow’s Problem Employees.”

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