Sackett’s 2015 SHRM Presentation Proposal

Okay, gang, I want to crowd source my title for my 2015 SHRM National Presentation Proposal.  I’m going to give you a list of titles and ideas, and you let me know what you think you would like to see.  Or, even better yet, let me know what you’re not seeing at SHRM, and let’s make that happen!

Here are my ideas:

#1 – 7 Ways Diet Failures and HR Failures are the Same: How we can ensure success for both – First let me say, I don’t have some magic diet plan to ensure you’re going to lose weight!  If I had that, I wouldn’t be speaking at SHRM, but I think I could have fun with this topic. Let’s face it, most of us struggle with dieting and keeping in shape. Those failures, speak to failures in other parts of our life!

#2 – My Mom Fired Me: It Made Me a Better HR Pro – She did fire me, it did make me a better HR pro. This is my story, with more tips and tricks on what you can do to make yourself a better HR pro without having to have your Mom fire you.

#3 – Shake Your Money Maker: 6 Ways HR Can Make it Rain on the Bottom Line – First, I’m guessing this title would never make it at SHRM, but it sure is fun!  Plus, I know I can deliver a hell of lot more than six ways for HR to give money back to the organizations.

#4 – Why CEOs Believe Weird Things – Every SHRM conference has a ‘what your senior executives want presentation’ (this is the one I gave this year). It’s fun, it’s widely attended.  I like doing it.  But, I would have to freshen it up and come at it from another direction.

#5 – I Got 99 Problems, But Hiring Managers Ain’t One of Them – How to get your hiring managers to absolutely love you and your team.  That’s enough, right?!

#6 – A Black Guy, A dude in a Wheelchair and a woman walk into a Bar: Inclusions Biggest Lies – Another title I’ll have to change, but let’s have a real conversation about why Inclusion isn’t the right answer for your organization to be most effective.

#7 – Teaching Fish To Climb – Why most development we espouse in HR is worthless, and what we should be doing instead.  Teaching HR folks to think and act like business professionals.

#8 – It’s time for “The Talk” with your Hiring Managers – 8 Real Life Conversations Every HR Pro Needs to Master – More workshop than presentation, watch me bring up 8 real life HR pros on stage and we teach you how to have the conversations you’ve been struggling to have in your organization.

#9 – If I Ran HR: Tim Sackett’s Guide To Having HR Run The World – If I could develop an HR organization from the ground up, what would it look like, who would I have on my team, what changes would I make immediately.  Some of these things you can probably do in your shop when you get back from the conference!

Okay peeps – hit me in the comments!

One thought on “Sackett’s 2015 SHRM Presentation Proposal

  1. How about “HR Drives the Business! (and other lies we tell ourselves)”
    You’d be able to have the talk blending a few of the topics above into it.. like teaching a fish to climb. Many times, HR is unable to solve or doesn’t acknowledge the real problem that the business faces so we make up a different problem (that doesn’t exist) and we solve that one instead.
    If we spent 10% of the time on investigating the real cause of the problem, rather than just moving the problem around or solving something that doesn’t need solving… we’d be an awesome organization.
    Real life example: Not getting enough good candidates in the interview pipeline? HR wants to measure the amount of time that a recruiter spends on the phone. Does that really solve anything? As a recruiter being measured, I’d take my office phone, and dial my cell phone and just let them sit there for about 5 hours a day. Hey, I’m on the phone and it counts!

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