Delivering Benefits Bad News

Hey, gang! I wrote a book! Well, to be fair it’s an eBook. I don’t think that actually counts when being considered for a Pulitzer but none the less it’s something I wrote!

The good folks at Alex help me get this done. Meaning, I did the writing and they did all the rest!  The concept is how do we as HR pros deliver bad news during open enrollments.  Most of us have been in this situation. As we begin to prepare for the next open enrollment, like many of us are doing right now, or very soon, we already know we have some challenges.

Costs will increase, we might have to get rid of a popular benefit, or reduce benefits, etc. These are things HR and Benefit pros face every year. It’s the rare individual that just keeps getting the opportunity to give more. Let’s face it, the majority of us don’t work at Google, or companies like Google flush with cash.

Real HR pros have to deliver messages that are tough.  That’s why I wrote this book.

You can download for free at:

It’s a quick read and because it’s written by me, there might just possibly a bit of snark! I hope you enjoy it, and that you can use some of the practical advice I give.

(I am not being paid for this promotion.  I think ALEX is a pretty cool piece of HR technology that many organizations could use to help them communicate their benefit message out to their employees.  We like to talk about great employee engagement, and culture, etc., but what is proven is that employees who actually understand their benefits are more likely to stay with your company. That’s real HR.) 

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