I Miss Old School Employee Training Videos!

Remember the bad 80’s employee training videos?  When I was at Applebee’s we had a series of sexual harassment training videos that would never fly in today’s politically correct world!

These videos were part 70’s porn, part creepy uncle and 100% pure gold. I couldn’t ever play them without laughing out loud.  They were so bad, I couldn’t believe someone actually got paid to put these together, and the scenarios were so far fetched that made the employees think we must believe they were complete idiots!

All these videos really did was waste time until we could get you to sign a piece of paper that you were trained on what sexual harassment was, and if you ever did any of this stuff, you would be immediately fired. Classic CYA HR!

Just this week, by buddy Jim D’Amico the VP of TA at Signature Health, sent me the link to this pure gold Employee Safety training video. We all need more friends like Jim! Enjoy! (BTW – you’ll love it, if you’re a Walking Dead fan!)

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