Who Knew the World’s Best HR Technology Talks Happened in Cleveland!?

That’s right kids! I’m coming to Believeland!

Wednesday, April 12th, from 4-6pm, I’ll be speaking at Cleveland SHRM’s – HR Technology SIG.

This will be a great night of learning and fun. It’s awesome that the HR and TA community leaders in Cleveland are putting this on, I can’t tell you how forward thinking that is for any city around the world, to the HR and TA pros and leaders in a great position to be successful! I follow my friend and HR technology guru, Steve Boese, who came out in February to speak at SIG!

The event will be held at Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, a great venue, and you will receive HRCI and SHRM credit for attending.

What’s the talk?

“See What’s Next! Be What’s Next! The Future of HR, TA, and Technology” 

Where I’ll present on where I see the future of HR and TA going over the next few years from a practical perspective of “what is the stuff you might actually do in your own shops!” I’ll also highlight a ton of tools that are new to the market and things you might want to take a look at, plus talk about some of the most innovative things happening in HR and TA, and if those are things you can do yourself!

If you attend this event, we’ve got 2 extra tickets (GREAT SEATS!) for that night to see Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers play their last regular season home game with Me! Okay, you might not want to sit next to me, I tend to yell at the referees, a lot! But, if you do, I’ll buy you drink or popcorn and we can take selfies and try to get Lebron in on it!

It’s only $25 bucks to register for Cleveland SHRM members, $40 for non-members, and Students and Transitioning folks can get in for $15! Food and open bar at the event, so come on over and I’ll buy you a drink! Thanks to the great folks at Willory for sponsoring and taking me to see Lebron! (it’ll be my first time seeing him play live, I’m kind of excited!)


Hope to see you in Cleveland! (boy, you don’t say often!)

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