The Weekly Dose of HR Tech: CareerBuilder Partners with Google Cloud Job Discovery

The week on The Weekly Dose I dig into CareerBuilder’s partnership with Google Cloud Job Discovery and let you know what it means to you as a Recruiting Pro and Leader!

CareerBuilder was one of the early partners with Google in a number of fronts. When Google for Jobs launched, CB was the first TA technology company to work directly with Googles team to build out their job schema and make sure that CB users who were posting jobs on CB would have those jobs show up high on GFJs search results.

CareerBuilder is pushing the relationship even farther with Google and they recently released a case study showing the advantages CB clients are receiving since CB started using Google Cloud’s Job Discovery A.I. and Machine Learning technology. Google wrote a great piece on this relationship and the advances CB users are seeing, check it out! 

What does all of this mean to us (Employers posting jobs on CB or employers thinking of using CB)? 

– Google knows what and how candidates want to search for jobs, so they built a tool to make this a better experience for candidates. CareerBuilder has also been in the game of wanting to deliver a great search experience for candidates coming to their site to look for jobs as well. When they both came together, it was pretty apparent that CB’s job seekers could benefit from Google’s Job Discovery search.

– CB started testing out Google’s Job Discovery as the backbone of their job search and some amazing things started happening:

  • 40% more views of jobs on CB’s Talent Networks
  • Candidate application quality increased by 18%
  • 41% increase on actions by candidates on their saved job search results


The A.I. and machine learning component of Google’s Job Discovery that is being used by CareerBuilder candidates actually improves the job search for candidates. Less false positives, the technology learns which jobs candidates are clicking on and applying for and then automatically will put more jobs that are closer to the ones you want in front of them.

What you see is less bad volume of candidates, but an increase in qualified candidates for your jobs. So, the partnership of CB and Google has reduced the amount of work it takes a recruiter on any given job by lowering the number of candidates who don’t fit your job and increasing the number that actually does.

One other driving factor around increased quality and relevance is CB’s and Google’s focus on mobile first location search. Most people want to be able to search for jobs based on commutable distance. Prior to Google’s Job Discovery search, this wasn’t as specific as most of us would want, but now people can easily search by very exact distances and times it takes to get to work.

CareerBuilder has been beaten up recently in the media with some moves they’ve made to focus themselves on the future and how things were handled, but in the end, it’s not show-friends, it’s show business, and CB is making the right business moves to ensure their clients are getting what they need.

Go read the Google Case Study, it’s a fascinating piece on why you might want to start looking at investing some of your job posting dollars away from Indeed and test out the Google Job Discovery tech that CareerBuilder is using!

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