Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Hiretual – Find, Engage, and Pipeline Candidates

Today on the Weekly Dose I review the sourcing technology Hiretual (Hire-Tool). So, I’ve been hearing from my sourcing friends for about two years that Hiretual is awesome and I need to check them out. Hiretual is a modern sourcing technology platform that allows a Sourcer or Recruiter to quickly search for possible talent online from dozens of different possible sources.

There’s now an entire verticle in the recruiting technology industry dedicated to sourcing technology and Hiretual falls squarely in that camp. I’m keen on saying that it’s never been easier in the history of recruiting to find talent, and it’s that way because of sourcing tools like Hiretual. Hiretual spiders the web finding profiles of potential talent that meet your exact search criteria from over 30 different channels. Places like LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, etc.

Hiretual is simple to use. You can build a custom search for what you’re looking for, or simply drop in a job description and the system will automatically pull the data it needs to begin the search. It will then do an initial search and have you rate the quality of the candidates. This helps the AI within Hiretual to begin learning what it is exactly you’re looking for and return better candidates.

What I like about Hiretual: 

– You can target competitors or specific companies you want to see candidates from and the technology will search for just individuals with a background at those organizations.

– If you search for candidates with government clearances, Hiretual can specifically help you with this. I’m amazed at how many times a year I’m asked directly about this capability.

– You can run multiple searches simultaneously, and save searches you run frequently.

– You can message and nurture candidates right from Hiretual.

Sourcing technology, like Hiretual, aren’t a recruiting silver bullet. I’m in love with this type of technology, but it won’t magically find you, candidates. It will magically find you talent, that you then have to ‘sell’ them a reason on why they should want to talk to you and come work for your organization. For the most part, Hiretual is returning passive candidates, not active. This is a struggle for recruiters and sourcers who only know how to work with active candidates.

Hiretual is super powerful in helping you find people with the skills you desire, but you still need to get them interested in you. If you and your team are ready to start recruiting passive candidates than this is definitely a technology you need to demo!

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