If Only They Could Hear What I Have To Say…

It’s the age old resume problem.  We’ve all had it one time or another.  When I was early in my HR career I desperately wanted to work for Nike.  I had this vision in my head that it would be such a super cool place to work, I was a huge brand advocate, Nike couldn’t have selected a better HR Pro.

I applied.  I applied, again.  I applied, again.

Nothing. Well, nothing, besides the obligatory form email telling me thanks, no thanks. Just Don’t Do It.

If only they could hear what I have to say and see my passion, there is no way they wouldn’t select me.

That was years ago, then companies like HireVue came along and changed the game.  Now any company could ‘see’ me through the use of digital interviewing.  Life was good. Too late for Nike and I to have a long successful relationship, but such is life, I had to find out how to Do It with someone else.

I thought that was it.  HR technology at its best, really no room for ‘real’ improvement, just window dressing changes from here on out.  That was until HireVue decided to hire some really, freaking, smart people that know a bunch of scientific stuff, and talk about stuff you and I wouldn’t understand.  HireVue’s scientist found out there is a level above digital interviewing.

Language and behavior analytics is the science behind what people say and how they say it.  The words they use, their expressions, their vocal infliction, etc.  Basically, you can learn 100,000 times more from this analysis, then just using a resume. HireVue launched HireVue Insights with this in mind. As I understand it the more data you collect through digital interviews, the better HireVue Insights is able to compare to top performers and make recommendations. This is really freaking cool!

HireVue beta tested Insights with one of their client partners Chipotle, which by the way just locked down Consumer Reports best burrito place! Chipotle is growing like a weed.  They’ll make 40,000 or so hires this year.  Using HireVue currently for digital interviewing, their normal digital interview to hire ratio is 10 to 1.  Since they began using HireVue Insights, that has gone to 4 to 1!  It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring 40,000 or 40, those kinds of increases will make any Talent Acquisition Pro’s Day!

I still can’t get past this idea that now candidates can actually be ‘heard’.  It’s really another game changer, when I thought the game was over being changed.  It’s the one major complaint every trench HR pro hears throughout their entire career.  I don’t get the science, it’s way over my head, and I’m fine with that.  As an HR Pro I just want the best hires, as fast as I can.  Insights just changed my world!

Just imagine if Nike would have used HireVue Insights 15 years ago to hire that mid-level HR Manager in Portland?  Right now, I would probably be having lunch with Phil Knight and Mike Jordan (I would call him Mike if I was running Nike HR, because we would be close friends!), as his right hand man, running HR for Nike.  But, No!  Nike missed out.  It’s a shame for them, I’m really good, Phil and Mike would have loved me!


2 thoughts on “If Only They Could Hear What I Have To Say…

  1. Great write up Tim! I think this is the future, the resume will finally die and it will be about the individual. Why are resumes used for prescreening when they can easily be outsourced or doctored to mislead.

  2. This is great stuff, Tim! It’s neat hiring technology so I’m curious what makes HireVue different from many other vendors out there that do this type of thing. Does it predict which candidates will succeed in a role? What were some business outcomes for Chipotle? How does HireVue do they use to determine who is a “top performer”? Interesting stuff, really curious.

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