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Recruiting Secret #9

Aug 22

Everyone wants to know the secret to great recruiting. Candidates want to know how to get into companies. Recruiters want to know each other’s secrets to finding great talent. No one seems to be sharing their secrets, so I thought I might as well tell you mine…

Recruiting Secret #9

We’ll tell you we only hire the best talent, but what we really mean is we only hire the talent who quickly applies to our job posting, willing to accept our at below market pay rate we are requesting, our average culture, and vanilla benefit package. Since we do minimal screening, it’s really a FIFO (first-in, first out) system. So, you might be great, but 20 other mediocre candidates beat you to it, so, yeah, you’ve got no chance.

Welcome to the world of ‘we only hire the best talent’.

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  1. Ouch!

    Aug 22, 2016

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