What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror

Was at ERE last week and got the chance to see John Robinson speak.  Here’s his story:

Very cool story and great example of a person who rises up over all that life can throw at you.  We all need these reminders, more than we usually get them.  Think your life is hard?  How about needing 30 minutes each morning to just be able to put on your clothes. Every. Day.

John said one thing that stuck with me.  After getting dressed in the morning and brushing your teeth, etc. We all at some point take a look in the mirror.  John asked, “What are you looking for when looking in the mirror?”  Do you know?  Ask yourself that same question. What are you looking at?

We are all looking for something wrong that is wrong with us!  That is a conscious decision we make, each and every day, before beginning our day.  We are looking for something wrong with us!  It’s so true, and so crazy!

We get ourselves looking good, ready for our day, all positive stuff, but we take one last look.  Before I leave is there anything wrong with me?  Did I miss something with my hair?  Leave some toothpaste in the corner of my mouth?  Does this shirt look right with these pants?

John’s point is that there’s nothing wrong with any of us.  We are who we are.  Some of us are tall, some are fat, some are black, some have no arms, some have scars.  This makes us different from each other, but not better or worse or ‘wrong’.

So, when you look in the mirror today, do me one favor.  Find something that is right with you, not wrong with you.

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