How Valuable Is Face to Face Communication?

A single face to face conversation is worth 10 telephone conversations.

How many conversations have you had today?

One thought on “How Valuable Is Face to Face Communication?

  1. I work for a virtual company. We do not have a brick and mortar and are all across the country. As such, our face to faces mean that we are having a virtual video meeting, usually including shared desk tops if a presentation is included. If we are having an employee to supervisor meeting, then it’s via video only. These are very beneficial to all of us, it assists us in reading expressions, hearing tone of voice and getting to know the personality of my staff better. Overall, I may not be able to reach out and physically touch that person, but it does help. We do video team meetings every week, and one on one’s every other month. This helps with feedback, improving work, etc. So far, I’ve seen improvements in those that I supervise, mostly because I care, take into account their personalities and the best way to work WITH them to make their work product and work life better. I’m fortunate, and I love my job.

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