The Real HR and Talent Job Titles

I have a feeling HR and Talent Acquisition would look a lot different if we were to use job titles that more clearly explained what those roles actually did.  Here are some of the ideas I had:

Current Job Title Actual Duties Job Title
Corporate Recruiter Post Jobs on Internal Career Site Pro
Agency Recruiter Mine Resume Database Pro
Corporate Sourcing Pro Search the Internet All Day Pro
Agency Sourcing Pro Search the Internet All Day and All Night Pro
Employee Relations Manager Professional Kleenex Hander-Outer
Employment Brand Manager Professional Work Environment Maker-Upper
Compensation Pro Market Ranger Maker-Upper
Benefits Pro Finder of Benefits I Like Pro
Diversity Manager Developer of United Colors of Benetton Culture
Human Resource Manager Employee Fire Fighter
Human Resource Director People Accountability Officer
Vice President of Human Resources Wizard of People Bull Shit
Chief Human Resource Officer Deepak Chopra of Corporate Leadership


What do you think?  Do you have better ones?  Share them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The Real HR and Talent Job Titles

  1. Can’t disagree with any of the suggested titles here, Tim. I would add one more though. Wellness Manager >> Get paid to work out during work hours and preach work/life balance to over-worked, out of shape corporate employees Pro.

  2. While you’re on the subject of revisiting definitions, I’ve been trying to come up with a more accurate one for HR for some time now but kept coming up empty. Thanks to reading ‘The Smarter Working Manifesto” this weekend, an alternative has finally been offered up like a gift from the gods – ‘Human Realisation’. Admittedly, it’s not funky but finally something that says what it is on the tin. All of the above roles could be wrapped up under the same banner as we’re all ultimately trying to help people reach their full potential.

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