The 7 Forgotten Tools of Recruiting

Join me on Wednesday, July 26, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET to talk Forgotten Recruiting Tools! 

These days, recruiting moves so fast and is filled with so much technology that it can be difficult to remember what works best and what’s a passing shiny object.
In this free webinar, I’ll dig into some tried and true ways that have been forgotten by most organizations when it comes to attracting and recruiting great talent, and some newer techniques that people will probably want to go back and take a second look at!
  • Simple ways to discover untapped talent pools
  • Connect with more candidates 100% of the time
  • The single most valuable tool in recruiting that you already have, but probably aren’t using!
  • Along with some new tools to add to your toolbox


Plus, much, much more!


Old school, new school, just plain old good school, my hope is you’ll leave this webinar with some new ideas on using some old tools you already have at your disposal but just stop using and never really used, to begin with. This webinar is a great presentation for recruiting leaders and recruiting pros alike.


This webinar is sponsored by the great folks over at Jobvite, but all the content is 100% my own! Also, I’m leaving some time at the end for some open Q & A – so bring all those questions you’ve been dying to ask! See you on Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “The 7 Forgotten Tools of Recruiting

  1. Hello Tim!

    Got turned onto your blog by our TA leaders with US Oncology, and seriously hooked! I’m bummed that I will be missing your webinar this Wednesday, as I will be screening candidates. Will the information be up at some point after the webinar? Will there be an archive of the webinar?

    Hopefully I will get to jump on the next one!

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