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Oct 28

If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Now!

I have three sons, two of which are college age-ish (one if college, one on his way).  They can do anything right now!  If they wanted, they could fill a backpack and walk the earth. No one is going to stop them, in fact, many will congratulate them for taking this leap while they’re young. […]

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Sep 11

Today, Go Fill Someone’s Bucket!

A few years ago my son got to lead a small part of an assembly at his school.  He was really excited about his part, he got to get up in front of everyone at the end and kind of lead a cheer — you know kids love being loud at school! I asked him what […]

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May 29

The Public Education Summer Vacation Scam

In about 2 weeks my 3 sons will be off of school for the summer.  That means my wife will lose her mind for the next 12 weeks as she has 3 smelly bodies running in and out of the house all day, lying around and doing what boys do. Which at this point I […]

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Dec 18

Sometimes You Paint Fish in Vaginas

Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. He has some of the greatest works ever made.  He also made this. It’s called The Mackerel. Yep. One of the greatest artist ever made this. You see, to make great works, you have to make a lot of works. […]

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Nov 10

My Name is Tim, and I’m a Helicopter Parent

I’m not here to apologize and tell you all how wrong I am.  I like being a ‘Helicopter Parent’.  I had kids for a reason, to spend time with them, to watch them grow, to help them grow, to show them right from wrong. Let’s face it, I was raised in an age where being […]

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Sep 12

It’s just too easy to tell boys not to hit girls

A lot of focus on domestic violence this week.  I’ve been challenged to think about this at a number of levels.  I grew up in a household that had domestic violence.  As a boy and young man I watched horrible men hit my mother, and I was unable to stop them.  I grew up with […]

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Aug 4

There Are Only 5 Real Jobs

For those who didn’t see this last week the former NBA great and round mound of rebound Sir Charles Barkley made this comment: “We got great lives. Why would we be miserable? Like, I’ll tell you, there’s five real jobs in the world: teacher, fireman, policeman, doctor, and somebody who’s in the armed services. Those […]

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Jul 25

The Project Product Reviews: Lunch Balancer

I get pimped weekly to review products/services/books/etc., and I actually do a bunch of reviews.  I have a couple of rules to do reviews: 1. Whatever it is you want me to review, I need full access.  You want me to review your recruiting tool, give me access to the system and let me play […]

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Jul 16

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up

Today is the 10th anniversary of ESPN’s Espy Awards and the 10th anniversary of, North Carolina State’s Head Basketball Coach, Jimmy Valvano’s incredible speech at the first ever Espy’s.  At the time of the speech Jimmy V was dying of cancer.  It’s one of the greatest speeches you’ll ever hear.  Well worth 11 minutes if […]

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Jul 15

The 1 Problem with Posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn made me internet famous for a day with my 11 Rules for Hugging at Work.  That one post got me a gig on Huffington Post, has gotten me speaking gigs and has gotten me clients at HRU.  My immediate reaction on the back channel to my close friends was “Holy Sh*t! This LinkedIn publishing […]

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