How To Get a Great Job in 2015

Last week I got a call from an old work friend. He wanted to have lunch.  He just left a position and was in transition.  Not a bad or negative job loss, just parted ways.  When you get to a certain executive point in your career, it’s rare that bad terminations take place. It’s usually, “hey, we like you, but we really want to go another direction, and we know you don’t want to go that direction, so let’s just shake hands and call it a day, here’s a big fat check.”

Executives get this.  For the most part there isn’t hard feelings, like when you were young and lost a job. I usually find that the organization the person is leaving from are super complementary, and usually takes the blame for the change.  Executives in corporate America are like NFL coaches. You get hired with the understanding that one day you’ll be fired.  It’s not that you know less, or aren’t going to be successful in your career, it’s just that the organization needs change, and you’re part of that change.

Welcome to the show, kid.

My friend decided that he was going to find his next position not through posting for positions online, or trolling corporate career pages, he was going to have lunches.  About two per week, with past work friends. Let’s connect, no pressure, we already know each other and I want to catch up.

You see, in 2015 you don’t find great jobs by filling out applications in ATSs and uploading resumes. You get great jobs because of the relationships and personal capital you’ve built up over your career.  Having lunch and reconnecting turn on a relationship machine. I believe that people, innately, want to help other people. When a friend comes to you with a situation, and you have something to offer or help, you will do that.

The problem is most people who are looking for great jobs don’t do this. They lock themselves in their home office and apply to a thousand jobs online and get upset when nothing happens. Great jobs aren’t filled by ATSs and corporate recruiters.  Great jobs are fill through relationships. Every single one of them.

Want to find a great job in 2015?

Go out to lunch.

2 thoughts on “How To Get a Great Job in 2015

  1. I agree that great jobs are filled through relationships. First it asks to believe in it as something that functions, and next it is needed to work through it in a planned way, which is by creating a map of friend/connections and their phone numbers/e-mails thus facilitating to yourself the coffee/lunch meeting arrangements. Though success is not close at the door, it might come when you don’t expect it and/or you think it didn’t work, when a friend you have talked to will give you a phone call informing about a vacancy which fits your interest and passion. Another great advantage is that friends you connect in a lunch or coffee will know about you, your knowledge and skill/competency set. This brings to another very important point which is that during the lunch/coffee meeting you need to go prepared to share about what position you are interested in and how does your actual knowledge, experience and values match with the position and company culture you would want to work in. Thank you for sharing the article.

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