The Realities of Using a Full-Fledged Modern Day Talent Acquisition Platform

I’m in a pretty cool place in life right now. Great job, great family, every day I get to work and talk with awesome, smart people, every week I get to see the most awesome technology on the planet. Like the t-shirt says, “Life is Good!”

If you’re a TA leader for a big shop, I’m guessing my life is better than yours! Why do I know this? Because the technology you’re being asked to use has completely passed you by on the side of the highway!

Remember that first time when you’re Mom or Dad asked you to ‘fix’ the clock on the VCR? It was simple, but they had no idea on how to set the VCR clock, so it would blink “12:00” for weeks until you decided to fix it. Most TA leaders, right now today, are looking at that clock on the VCR blinking!

The reality of using a full-fledged modern day Talent Acquisition Platform is:

– You’re not ready for it.

– It’s like you’ll be taught how to walk all over again.

– It’s like you’ll be learning a new language.

– It will be the single most valuable thing you’ll ever do in your TA career.

– You’ll be forced to teach your entire leadership something completely new.

– Most vendors selling these solutions, don’t have the capability to actually teach you and your team how to effectively use it.

– You and your team aren’t ready to unlearn all of your broken, bad habits to use it effectively.

– You’re going to have to admit to yourself and others, you really don’t know what you’re doing.

That last one is hard. Because we do know what we’re doing, damn it! But, this is where you have to remember the blinking VCR clock. You don’t, but you can learn!

A full end to end TA platform will change the way you, your team, and your organization actually attract, recruit, and onboard talent. Gone, completely, will be Post and Pray. So, will be those employees who think this is what recruiting is.

It’s not overly difficult to learn these new skills. It is uncomfortable because it’s a BIG change from what you’re actually doing today and calling it recruiting. You’re not recruiting. You’re administering a recruiting process. Those are different things. Your organization actually needs you, desperately, to attract, retain, and develop great talent.

Any monkey can collect resumes and pass them onto a hiring manager. In fact, you don’t even have to pay an admin $12 per hour to do that, I can find you an A.I. bot that can do that for pennies on the dollar.

The really, really cool part about this is you’ll completely change your career path by doing this! Once you implement and transform your organization’s recruiting practices using technology, you’ll have other organizations lined up at your door begging you to do the same for them!

The real reality is you have a choice to make. Fix the blinking clock, or keep ignoring it. What kind of TA leader are you?

4 thoughts on “The Realities of Using a Full-Fledged Modern Day Talent Acquisition Platform

  1. Great piece Tim. HR / TA leaders are often consumed with buying, integrating and optimizing technology when it’s really the last place they should be spending their time. After all, the most critical steps associated with talent acquisition happen outside of any system – defining the spec, researching and wooing passive candidates, screening and assessing prospects, influencing hiring managers, negotiating deals. Improved ATSs, Bots, AI, VR aside, no system will take the place of Talent Acquisition capability in these areas – particularly to win over scarce talent for the business’s most critical roles.

  2. Thanks for such a content free, critically unchallenging post. I particularly love the way you gave not a single example of what a “FULL-FLEDGED MODERN DAY TALENT ACQUISITION PLATFORM” might actually do.

    • Thomas –

      Well, they all can’t be winners! I write every day, come back tomorrow and maybe you’ll find something valuable on that day. The post wasn’t about giving you examples of “FULL-FLEDGED MODERN DAY TALENT ACQUISITION PLATFORM”. The post was about trying to give some folks some self-insight about where they truly are with their TA Tech Stack. Clearly, this wasn’t for you…

      Have a great week! 🙂


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