London/UK Friends! I’m Coming to You in June!! Let’s meet up! #sosuuk

I have something to confess, I’ve never been to Europe! Never! So, a few months ago I put that fact out into my little social world and something amazing came back to me! The Sourcing Summit UK reached out and ask me to come speak at their event in June! And, they made a little video to help promote it:

I can’t wait to come to London and speak at this event! All Americans love British accents, and I’m no different! The accent makes us believe you’re truly brilliant, even if you’re not! Such a recruiting strength! I’ve often said I could start a recruiting company in the states with just recruiters with British accents and we would own the U.S. market!

The other thing I love is building a worldwide network of recruiting and sourcing pros that love what I love!

As I’ve traveled all over the world what I’ve found is that no matter where I go when I’m with people who are passionate about our profession, that is always a good time! We get to nerd out together and learn from each other, and it brings this giant community down to size and makes it very personal!

So, let’s do this! Come see me and all the other great speakers at the Sourcing Summit UK on June 20th and 21st

Can’t wait to meet you in person!

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