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Oct 9

LeBron James Isn’t Good Enough For My Team

Just putting together the roster for my annual Men’s City Rec Basketball team.  I’ve been pretty lucky in the past and have gotten some great players to come out and let me jump on their back to the championships.  As of right now here’s my roster for 2013-2014 season: Current Starters (based on last years […]

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Jul 1

3 Reasons To Hire Back An Employee You Fired

There is an unwritten HR law that needs to be addressed.  This law states: “If you fire an employee, at no time in the history of mankind should you hire back that employee to your organization.” So it is said, so shall it be… I was reading an article recently about ESPN’s new CEO, John […]

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Mar 13

Have A Poor Performer, Call Their Parents!

It’s a different world we live. 30 is the new 20, which makes 20 the new 10, which makes me, still old.  I’ve mentioned this before, and people always felt like it was always tongue in cheek, but I think it’s time as HR pros and leaders we start having parents in on our performance […]

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Feb 19

The 8 Man Rotation – 2012 Season

For those new to The Project – you’ll come to notice that every once in a while I like to write about the interaction between sports and HR.  What?  Seems like it doesn’t fit? Really?  Well, for the past three years a band of 5 brothers have been proving this theory wrong by producing an […]

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Nov 26

HR’s Unwritten Rules

Welcome back! How was your long holiday weekend?  I ate too much and watched a ton of sports – so mine was wonderful! For those NFL/Professional Sports Fans out there I give you one of the dumbest unwritten sports rules that is out there: You can’t lose your starting spot due to injury. San Fransisco […]

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Feb 21

The 8 Man Rotation – 2011 Season

In what is probably the most anticipated eBook release of 2012 the The 8 Man Rotation crew (Matt Stollack, Steve Boese, Lance Haun, Kris Dunn and I) today release to the world version two of our most famous HR/Sports related blog posts of 2011:  The 8 Man Rotation – the 2011 Season.   The forward is […]

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