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May 23

The Best Sports Related Job Ever!

Do you know what the ingredients are to the best sports related job ever? 1. Basketball 2. The 5th Richest person in the world 3. Beautiful weather, water and beaches 4. A Gigantic Yacht with a basketball court on it. Mix all that together and you get one of the best jobs ever invented!   Pulled […]

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Dec 17

5 Things HR Can Learn from Airports

I know many of you will be getting on an airplane over the next few weeks to fly and see friends and family over the holidays.  Some of you fly all the time, so this will be something you experience often.  Many of you rarely fly, so you get really frustrated because you feel it […]

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Aug 8

The Best Thing HR Can Ever Do For Employees

By random circumstance I’ve had three of the most boring HRish types of conversations in the past month about 401K!  Can you imagine me talking about 401K?  It’s so, well, it just regular old HR talk!  One conversation was with our banking partner (Shoutout to PNC, 33 year business relationship with them and I value […]

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