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Jul 29

4 Reasons You’ll Leave Your Job on Your Terms

There’s a million ways to lose your job.  Layoffs, company closes, smacking an employee on the butt, you name it and someone has lost their job over it! The reality is, though, most people leave their jobs on their own terms and it has nothing to do with more money or a higher level job. […]

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Jun 3

7 Realities for Negotiating Salaries

I think we all know that one person in our life that thinks they get the best deal on everything!  They consider themselves the ultra-negotiator, the person sales people hate to see coming! You know the person -they go and buy a $40,000 car and call and tell you how they got it for $27,000, […]

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May 18

Delivering Benefits Bad News

Hey, gang! I wrote a book! Well, to be fair it’s an eBook. I don’t think that actually counts when being considered for a Pulitzer but none the less it’s something I wrote! The good folks at Alex help me get this done. Meaning, I did the writing and they did all the rest!  The concept […]

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Apr 30

Ladies, would you prefer not negotiating your salary?

An article recently written on NPR speaks to a ‘new’ trend in organizational compensation.  What’s that trend? Apparently, companies are now not negotiating new hire or promotional salaries.  Basically, here’s what we pay for this position, take it or leave it. Do you believe this would work? Here is more from the article: When it […]

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Apr 10

HR Manager Position that Pays $364,000! Want it?

I ran into an age old issue last week, which for some reason hadn’t come up for a very long time, but there he was staring me right in the face, and I still don’t get it!  Here’s the issue, should you post the salary (or your desired salary range based on experience, yadda, yadda…) […]

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Apr 9

Compensation 701 – A Master’s Course

In terms of one part of your corporate Compensation Philosophy you can be a Pay Follower, a Pay Leader or Market Rate. You never hear Pay Leaders complain about Turnover… You always her Pay Followers complain about how Pay Leaders can actually pay that much… Those who Pay at the Market always talk about how […]

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Mar 19

Better Employee Relocation Design in 4 Easy Steps!

I have to admit I’ve been one of those HR Pros who has had to design and develop relocation policies a few times in my career.  My philosophy on relocation has changed somewhat over the years. In my career, I’ve accepted positions 4 times in which I went through “professional” relocation for various HR positions […]

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Feb 9

7 Things You Should Never Say When Asking for a Raise!

There are certain conversations in our work lives that cause people the most anxiety and having to go in and ask for money is, on my list, the next most anxious work conversation most people will face.  I can think of many times that I wanted more money, thought I was deserving to get more […]

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Jan 26

The Key to Finding Your Dream Job

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak to high school and college graduating seniors. The one common question to both groups, I get frequently, is “how can I get my dream job?”  It’s a simple question, with about one million answers.  Which makes it a tough question to answer in front of a group. I […]

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Dec 11

The Real HR and Talent Job Titles

I have a feeling HR and Talent Acquisition would look a lot different if we were to use job titles that more clearly explained what those roles actually did.  Here are some of the ideas I had: Current Job Title Actual Duties Job Title Corporate Recruiter Post Jobs on Internal Career Site Pro Agency Recruiter […]

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