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Feb 21

T3 – Fastest Growing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on the Market

I’m going to share some data today because it’s the single most requested question I get in my life, professionally. Here it is: “Tim, what ATS do you use and what ATS do you recommend?” This got me thinking that one day people will stop asking this question, but they don’t, every month, every year, […]

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Aug 14

I Hate Buying HR Software!

I’m your typical HR buyer.  Each year I negotiate contracts on a number of products, from ATS, HRMS, Recruiting Tools, Selection Tools, etc.   I usually demo and look at 6-10 new products each year.  Okay, I’m not typical that way, I love new stuff and what it can do, so I like to check […]

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May 20

SHRM’s New Certification Is A Money Grab!

Okay, let’s get real HR geeky for a few minutes.  Last week SHRM announced it was for all intensive purposes taking it’s toys and going home, leaving HRCI out of a viable business model.  The leadership at SHRM woke up and said, “hey, wait a minute, why don’t we just run our own certification program […]

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Feb 12

The 1 Thing That Can Make Your Corporate Recruiters Better Overnight

I’ve had 3 opportunities in my career to step into traditional corporate recruiting departments and make changes that would ‘turn’ these departments around so that the organization would see them as a positive producing department, where previously that had not been viewed as this.  As you can imagine there are numerous changes that can be […]

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Feb 5

HR – It’s You or it’s Me

I love ‘end of days’ type posts and articles.  The end of Job Boards!  The end of HR!  Here’s another one great one over at ERE by Dr. John Sullivan called: The End of Sourcing Is Near…, which talks about how eventually (in John’s opinion) most sourcing information will be readily available to almost everyone.  […]

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Jan 29

3 Ways Contract Staffing Fails

Contract technical staffing is what I do for a living – so I know exactly where it falls down.  I spend every day trying to talk people into why they should use contract staffing and why it makes sense.  In 13 years of being in this business, I’ve never had anyone ask me why it […]

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Jan 22

Sales Pitch Tuesday – The Test Drive

You know what car dealers know that they’ll never tell you?  They know that if they can get you to test drive a car, there’s a great chance they can talk you into buying a car.  That’s why you see all of these test drive special offers!  Come on in for a test drive and […]

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Jan 15

Sales Pitch Tuesday – Why Us?

It’s really the only question I have to answer when I call on a potential client to try and get their staffing business. Why should you work with HRU vs. the thousands of other choices you have? It’s not a cost issue for 99% of the business development calls I make.  If a company has […]

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