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Jun 8

Sackett’s Guide to SHRM 2015 #shrm15

It’s that time of year when HR freaks from all over the world begin planning out their annual pilgrimage to the SHRM National Conference. The 2015 SHRM conference is being held in Las Vegas, which always makes it a popular destination to attend. SHRM is expecting over 15,000 HR and Talent Pros to be in […]

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May 6

Cayman Islands and HR

I just got back from the Cayman Islands where I was invited to speak to the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals at their annual meeting.  As you might imagine, it was awesome! This is only the second time in my life I’ve been out of the United States to speak (the first being […]

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Nov 20

Sackett’s Office Holiday Party Rules

It’s fast becoming that time of year when you’ll be invited to office holiday parties across the world!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Let’s face it, I’m married and 40sih, the office holiday parties are one of the few times a year I have a get out of jail free […]

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Oct 30

7 Rules for your Office Halloween Party

Is your office dressing up for Halloween? Mine isn’t.  It’s not that I wouldn’t.  Okay, I wouldn’t.  But if others wanted to, I wouldn’t say “no”.  I mean everyone has that one person in their office that’s a little way too excited over Halloween.  I get it.  I have kids.  They lose their minds at […]

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Jul 31

HR Emoji Etiquette

I never was a huge fan of emojis.  I’m probably just too old, and out of touch to really understand.  My emojis consist of basically two: smiley face 🙂 and winky face ;).  Really, I’ve been able to get through my life with these two emojis.  I’ve never truly felt compelled to go beyond these. […]

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Jun 20

Come Have Breakfast with Me at SHRM!

Okay, it’s not really breakfast, but it sure is breakfast time! I’m speaking at SHRM National at 7am on Monday June 23rd in Orlando.  The title of my session is “What Your CEO Wishes HR Would Do!“.  It’s a fun session, will kick off your day at SHRM with a lot of energy and some […]

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Jun 13

Sackett’s 2014 Guide To Whom To See At SHRM!

The big annual SHRM National Conference happens in a week or so in Orlando.  I’ll be there.  SHRM is letting me speak again this year, which is cool, I’m as subversive as SHRM gets which makes it fun for me.  I always get a lot of SHRM dignitaries that show up to make sure I […]

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Mar 20

3 Ways To Make Your Office Productive During March Madness

For those that know me, I’m a huge basketball fan.  Pro, college, AAU, high school, hell, if you really dig into my past you would probably find me hanging out at some playground breaking down the defense effort of a pickup game between grade school kids.  So, when March Madness time comes around each year […]

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Feb 20

It’s My Birthday, Biatch!

Yeah, it’s my birthday, if we were really close friends you would have already known that and sent me something cool like Diet Mt. Dew or a Sprinkles Cupcake.  But you didn’t, so I wrote this stupid blog post as a birthday present to myself.  That’s what happens when you turn 33, you give yourself […]

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Dec 4

Leadership and Chili Recipes

For those who might not have caught it on the news wire, I won the HRU annual Chili cook-off!  You see I’ve figured out the secret code to winning.  I’m the boss, if they don’t vote for me, I don’t let them out early before the holiday weekends! But seriously, I do make some good […]

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