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Sep 4

CareerBuilder Empower 15 Live Stream Wednesday Sept. 10th!

Next week Wednesday, September 10th, CareerBuilder has asked me to Host their Live Stream of Empower 15! That’s right, someone made the brilliant decision to put me on LIVE. Lights, camera, action!  To bring to you all the cool stuff happening at Empower! The Live Stream will start at 8am CST and go all day […]

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Aug 28

The Top 10 Words You Should Never Use in Your LinkedIn Profile

I love Fast Company magazine from about five years ago.  Their writers pushed the envelope and challenged me in almost every article to rethink business and leadership. I couldn’t wait for the next copy to come out. Recently, they’ve fallen off a ton on the quality side.  I blame their need to deliver daily content […]

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Aug 27

The Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros: Meet Stacy Williamson from ESPN

Let’s face it – Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren’t the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding. Kris Dunn (Kinetix RPO, The HR Capitalist) and Tim Sackett (HRU Technical Resources, think that needs to change.  That’s why they created this series – The […]

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Jun 19

Too Small, Too Slow, To Succeed

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a huge Michigan State fan, and a basketball fan. So, this week, when the Golden State Warriors won the 2015 NBA Finals I was excited.  Not because I’m a big Warriors fan, although I do love their style of plan, but because former Sparty, Draymond Green, is on […]

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Jun 10

Overly Loving Father, Rob Lowe #WorkHuman

By now you’ve seen all the DirectTV ads featuring the funny characters of Rob Lowe. My favorite is super creepy Rob Lowe! I’m at Globoforce’s WorkHuman event this week and got to see Rob Lowe keynote this event. When my friend, Laurie Ruettimann, told me Rob was keynoting she was really excited, and I was […]

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Jun 8

Sackett’s Guide to SHRM 2015 #shrm15

It’s that time of year when HR freaks from all over the world begin planning out their annual pilgrimage to the SHRM National Conference. The 2015 SHRM conference is being held in Las Vegas, which always makes it a popular destination to attend. SHRM is expecting over 15,000 HR and Talent Pros to be in […]

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Mar 2

There is No Kill Switch On Awesome!

Happy Monday Friends! Let’s make this week completely Awesome! Spring is upon us! (well, some of us) There is no better time to be alive! Well, I hear the sixties were pretty great, and the fifties, possibly the twenties…anywho… Remember –   What awesome stuff are you going to do this week?  

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Feb 5

Stories from the D: How Loyal are your Employees?

By now almost the entire world has heard the James Robertson story. He is the Detroiter who walked 21 miles to work, one-way.  It sounds like a story your grandparents told you about how they had to walk to 2 miles to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways!  The difference is, this story is […]

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Dec 29

4 Things Job Pirates Have

It’s the holidays, so I’m going to run some “Best of” posts from the library at The Project. Enjoy.  Dollars for donuts, Fast Company is the best publication out their for anyone in the business world!  They hit a home run in my book recently with the article: An HR Lesson from Steve Jobs – […]

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Dec 12

How to Hire a Hustler

Hustle: (via Marriam-Webster) “to sell or promote energetically and aggressively”. Hustle: (via Urban Dictionary) “Anything you need to do to make money”. Hustle: (via Sackett) “Getting sh*t done with a smile”. I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what really makes someone successful.  I know folks who are completely brilliant, in a way most of […]

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