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Feb 15

HR Leaders, It’s Your Job to Get them an Audience

HR thought leaders and bloggers laugh at posts like this. The seat at the table post. We’ve been talking and writing about this for twenty years. So, those of us who write about it, are sick of it. But, like all good writers, everything that is old is new again! I declare 2016 to be […]

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Jan 25

Job Seekers You’re Only Judged on These Two Criteria

If you’re out looking for a job it usually feels like you’re being judged on every little thing you do, have done or potentially will do in the future. Interestingly enough, a Harvard professor discovered you’re actually only judged on two things: “People size you up in seconds, but what exactly are they evaluating? Harvard […]

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Jan 14

Should Job Hopping Be Encouraged?

Am I old school? No, really? Please let me know in the comments because this recent article from Fast Company makes no sense to me! Check this out: “JOB HOPPERS ARE BELIEVED TO HAVE A HIGHER LEARNING CURVE, BE HIGHER PERFORMERS, AND EVEN TO BE MORE LOYAL…In terms of managing your own career, if you don’t […]

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Jan 13

There is a huge disconnect in mobile recruiting!

Pew Research  came out with some cool data recently on mobile usage and recruiting and a few things actually shocked me!  Check this out: Americans with relatively low levels of educational attainment tend to lean heavily on their smartphones for online access in general, and this also play out in the ways members of this group […]

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Dec 23

The Best Talent Expects Tougher Interviews

I was reminded this week about the importance of tough interviews and their importance! My friend has been interviewing at a number of good companies for high-level jobs. He’s going to be a great hire for someone, he’s a top notch talent. Great resume, experience, education and personality. He’s a five-tool player, A level talent! […]

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Dec 4

2015 Top Post: Resumes Objectives Sent From G*D

I’m on vacation this week, so you’re getting a best of week from The Project. These are the most read posts of 2015 to this point. Enjoy!  This is an actual resume objective from an actual candidate’s resume that was submitted for a position at my company (HRU Technical Resources) this past week: Objective: (As […]

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Nov 23

Career ADHD: Is Employee Tenure Still Important?

I keep getting told by folks who tend to know way more than me that employees ‘today’ don’t care about staying at a company long term. “Tim you just don’t get it, the younger workforce just wants to spend one to three years at a job than leave for something new and different.” You’re right! […]

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Nov 20

Tim Sackett, Best Life Coach Ever!

I believe the concept of ‘Life Coach’ is the biggest con anyone has been able to pull off in the history of mankind.  That being said I personally know some folks who love having a life coach (#WhitePeopleProbs).  I do like the concept of ‘Business Coaches’ or ‘Leadership Coaches’, I see those things a bit […]

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Nov 9

When Did Attitude Become a Skill?

I know for sure that this hasn’t always been the case.  My parents and grandparents did not see Positive Attitude as a skill.  It was something you had, or faked, while at work.  You didn’t question it, it was a given.  You either showed up with it, or you got sent home to find it! […]

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Oct 28

If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Now!

I have three sons, two of which are college age-ish (one if college, one on his way).  They can do anything right now!  If they wanted, they could fill a backpack and walk the earth. No one is going to stop them, in fact, many will congratulate them for taking this leap while they’re young. […]

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