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Nov 23

Career ADHD: Is Employee Tenure Still Important?

I keep getting told by folks who tend to know way more than me that employees ‘today’ don’t care about staying at a company long term. “Tim you just don’t get it, the younger workforce just wants to spend one to three years at a job than leave for something new and different.” You’re right! […]

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Nov 20

Tim Sackett, Best Life Coach Ever!

I believe the concept of ‘Life Coach’ is the biggest con anyone has been able to pull off in the history of mankind.  That being said I personally know some folks who love having a life coach (#WhitePeopleProbs).  I do like the concept of ‘Business Coaches’ or ‘Leadership Coaches’, I see those things a bit […]

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Nov 9

When Did Attitude Become a Skill?

I know for sure that this hasn’t always been the case.  My parents and grandparents did not see Positive Attitude as a skill.  It was something you had, or faked, while at work.  You didn’t question it, it was a given.  You either showed up with it, or you got sent home to find it! […]

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Oct 28

If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Now!

I have three sons, two of which are college age-ish (one if college, one on his way).  They can do anything right now!  If they wanted, they could fill a backpack and walk the earth. No one is going to stop them, in fact, many will congratulate them for taking this leap while they’re young. […]

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Oct 15

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Make That Offer

If I have learned anything at all in my HR/Recruiting career it’s that everyone has an opinion on what makes a good hire. If you ask 100 people to give you one thing they focus on when deciding between candidates, you’ll get 100 different answers! I’ve got some of my own. They might be slightly […]

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Oct 5

The Most Powerful Employee Motivator of All

I was once fired from a job.  I won’t go into the story because we all have a story and we all frame it to sound like a victim. In hindsight, many years removed, I would have fired me to! After being fired I could only think about one thing. It consumed me. I wanted […]

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Sep 23

1 Sign That Shows Google Now Controls HR

It was just a matter of time. The company that vows to do know evil, would eventually take over the function that is the most hated in the world.  Don’t get me wrong, Google didn’t come into your organization and start giving your employees performance reviews, yet.  What Google does is much more stealth. Remember […]

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Sep 17

The Undercover Job Start

I’ve had quite a few friends start new positions in this past year.  It’s exciting to see so many people get great opportunities after living through the recession! One common thing happens to all of these folks. It goes something like this: 1.  Social announcement that they got a new position!  Yay! Congrats! When do […]

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Aug 28

The Top 10 Words You Should Never Use in Your LinkedIn Profile

I love Fast Company magazine from about five years ago.  Their writers pushed the envelope and challenged me in almost every article to rethink business and leadership. I couldn’t wait for the next copy to come out. Recently, they’ve fallen off a ton on the quality side.  I blame their need to deliver daily content […]

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Jul 31

Ask Sackett: Mid Career Change

One of the coolest things that happened when I started writing blog posts eight years ago, is people reach out to you and ask you questions.  Random people you don’t know off the internet asking me for my ‘expert’ advice.  It’s scary, comical and flattering all at the same time! This week a question came […]

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