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Jun 6

5 No-Cost Retention Fixes!

I love SMB HR shops (SMB – small/medium sized businesses) for a number of reasons, but none more than for the simple fact, smaller sized HR shops are forced to be more creative because of Creativity and SMB HR shops, remind me of my Grandma. Grandma grew up in the depression.  People who grew up […]

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May 13

The Greatest Retirement Benefits You Can Give Your Employees

My Dad retired this past year. I’m already ‘leveraging’ him for some time. He has so much of it now! It’s like he won the time lotto and he’s throwing it around because he’s got so much of it. “Hey Dad, can I borrow a couple of hours!? It’s a busy week! I need you to […]

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Apr 12

T3 – Elevated Careers

This week on T3 I take a look at new careers site being developed by dating site eHarmony, called Elevated Careers. I actually reviewed them back in October of 2015 at the HR Technology Conference, but they were in beta. They had their big launch recently, so I wanted to remind folks to check them […]

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Mar 21

Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave…

BOSSES! Right?! Right? Right… For at least the past two decades, the foundation of employee engagement has been built on this one simple principle. Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave Bad Bosses. So, if you want highly engaged employees just don’t have assholes for bosses. Super easy! Just hire and train great leaders and your […]

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Mar 2

What the Hell is Financial Wellness & Why Should HR Pros Care!

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t raised in an environment where much of anything was given to me. In my world, Financial Wellness meant our check didn’t bounce when we went to the grocery store or having to go to a different grocery store where we hadn’t bounced a check in a while! Luckily, […]

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Feb 16

T3 – @Benevate

This week on Talent Tech Tuesday (T3) I review a new and unique benefits solution called Benevate. Benevate is a solution that will help you attract and retain talent and improve employees’ financial wellness. “DRINK” – that’s the new HR drinking game for 2016! If anyone says “Financial Wellness” you have to drink. You might recall […]

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Feb 1

Would You Fire Your Top Performer for Punching Another Employee?

The world of the NBA brings us the real live HR Game Show – What Would You Do? I know most of you could care less about professional basketball, and I promise, this post isn’t about basketball. In case you didn’t hear last week, Los Angles Clippers Allstar, Blake Griffin, punched an equipment manager of […]

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Jan 15

Cutting the Cord of a High Performer

There is nothing worse in HR than having to terminate a high performer.  If you’re in the game long enough you will eventually end up facing this situation. A high performer does something incredibly stupid, and even though everyone in the organization wants to keep him or her, you all know they have to go. […]

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Jan 14

Should Job Hopping Be Encouraged?

Am I old school? No, really? Please let me know in the comments because this recent article from Fast Company makes no sense to me! Check this out: “JOB HOPPERS ARE BELIEVED TO HAVE A HIGHER LEARNING CURVE, BE HIGHER PERFORMERS, AND EVEN TO BE MORE LOYAL…In terms of managing your own career, if you don’t […]

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Jan 12

T3 – Modern Survey

This week on T3 I review employee engagement and talent analytics technology Modern Survey. I’ve been aware of Modern Survey for the past five years or so, as a great employee engagement survey technology. I’m glad I took a recent look because they’ve grown up over the past few years into a really advanced human capital […]

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