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Jun 24

Do Demotions Work?

Quietly, Brian Williams returned to NBC last week. Not in his usual spot of nightly news anchor, but in a demoted spot, for less pay: The embattled former NBC Nightly News anchor has been demoted and will receive reportedly less money in his new role, The New York Times reported Thursday. Williams is being replaced […]

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Jun 4

My Big Fat Recruiting Dilemma!

Have you had an employee who had to stop working because they became too fat? Just wait, you will, it’s just a matter of time. I remember when my biggest nightmare as an HR pro was going to tell an employee they need to bath and wear deordorant. I can’t even imagine having to go […]

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Apr 3

2 Reason Men Get Hired More Than Women

The New York Times had an article regarding hiring practices and succession practices at Google, and G*d knows if Google is doing it, it must be important, and we all must try and do the same thing. What I liked about this article was it didn’t necessarily look at practices and processes, it looked at […]

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Mar 26

Watered Downed Feedback is Killing America

I said this before, but you don’t want to hear it.  No one cares about what you have to say, unless it’s telling them how good they are. People can’t handle critical feedback, unless it’s set up in a mechanism where they expect it and desire it.  That’s the crux, hardly anyone has that mechanism […]

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Mar 20

3 Things You Should Say When Resigning

I have people ask me to help them write a resignation letter – which is a little funny because it really doesn’t matter what you write – only two things are going to happen: 1. They’ll freak out that you are leaving and try and talk you out it. 2. They’ll go “Oh, that’s too […]

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Mar 18

The Difference Between Performance and Potential: A 9-Box Primer for Smart HR Pros

If you’re like everyone else in the free world, March brings a little bit of a grind.  The hope and promise of the new year has settled into a familiar routine, and you need something fresh to keep you interested at work as a high-end HR pro, right? Of course you do – that’s why […]

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Mar 16

The Random Shit They Leave Us

You know what one of the greatest things about firing or laying someone off is?  The free crap people just leave in their desks when they leave! Someone at my company left a long time ago and left this ladies brown, kind of chunky, cardigan sweater.  It was one of those that was really comfortable, […]

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Jan 16

Are You Staying In Your Lane?

I think there are two types of people in the world: People who stay in their lane People who don’t stay in their lane. The first group, lane stayers, are the type of people who follow a natural life path.  Basically, these are the people who don’t push the natural evolution of their lives. I […]

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Jan 8

Will 2015 be the year of the Quotas?

We still haven’t really made a dent in this diversity/inclusion thing have we?  The numbers don’t lie.  81% of healthcare workers are female, less than 18% of leadership positions in healthcare are filled by females.  The same is true in the service industry, the restaurant industry, etc.  Similar numbers can be said about African Americans […]

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Dec 4

Success is Relative #8ManRotation

It’s that time of year when college football coaches get fired because they weren’t ‘successful’. This year’s unsuccessful coach of the year has to be Nebraska’s Bo Pelini.  Here are some of his stats: – Won 9 games every year he has coached at Nebraska. Not averaged 9 wins. He’s won 9 games each year! […]

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